Why Is He So Lazy

when i first met my hubby things were awesome. he was excercising, had good hygiene, told me he loved me all the time, told me how beautiful and special i was. we had incredible sex and lots of it. now after two and a half years of being together the sex and hygeine has gone out the window. he only bathes about once a month. and i have to fight with him to get him to bathe! why would you have to fight to get a grown man to take a bath?? i dont get it. he always has some excuse. tonights excuse was that the bathroom floor wasnt clean, seriously dude? you havent bathed in a month and your bitching about the bathroom floor being dirty?? so i had to mop it just so he would take a bath. sometimes he says its because the tub isnt clean etc, and its not even true. and how does he explain not brushing his teeth? its been monthes since he has brushed his teeth! whats the excuse for that? toothbrush is dirty? we have plenty of new toothbrushes he could use. why wouldnt someone want to be hygienic? and how hard is it to do? i mean seriously i just dont get it. he can go out there and work hard everyday but its to much effort to bathe and brush your teeth?? come on now.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I had a similar experience with my husband but not so extreme. We sat down and wrote a "minimum expectations list". Basic things like fidelity etc, but also "you will brush your teeth every morning before 9am" , "you will not exceed 24 hours without showering, soaping and rinsing your entire body", "you will shampoo your hair every 7 days". Not negotiable. Are you prepared to leave? Does he know?

You have been incredibly patient with him. I think it is to give him an ultimatum - clean up or clear out !