Our Long Road To Paris Island

Well, I realize that none of you people out there reading this have a clue as to who I am and could give a damn less. And that is how it should be. I'm not writing this to get attention, to get support, or even to get feedback. I am writing this merely to put it down on "paper" so to say and to get it out of my head. With that being said; lets start this roller coaster.

My Dear Husband (from now on known as DH) and I got married a little over a year and a half ago. We had only been dating for just under a year. But we grew up together in a small town. And if you've ever little in a small town, you know that everyone knows everyone, weather or not they realize it.
I was young and he was younger.
We, just like every other young couple in the world thought we had our lives figured out.

And we, just like every other young couple were wrong.

Originally we made the decision to get married because he was joining the Marine Core and we both envisioned and wanted that picture perfect All-American dream.

So with $50 dollars loaned to us we ran to the court house and signed the papers. Luckily with both our parents blessings and presence.

We had all these plans for him to be off in boot camp in less than 6 months and then we would have our extravagant, yet somehow modest wedding with all our family and friends. Followed by the beginning of our very own story.

That's not quite how it worked out.

The military had stopped taking applicants with GED's. So off to college he went, so that he could obtain the required about of credits before enlisting.

I love my DH dearly and while he is highly intelligent, school is not his forte. We struggled those 6 months. Me working full time. Him going to school full time and a half. Both of us living with his parents.

Not quite how we pictured it.

But finally he was done. Then all that was left was for him to lose just a little bit of weight. Just a little bit.

And so we ran. Or rather he ran and I walked. I have been blessed or cursed, depending on your view, with a very large bussom. And the weight basically just dropped off of him.

Then all he had to do was 2 pull-ups. if you've never had to do a pull-up you would think this to be an easy task.

Let me inform you.....It is NOT.

After months of trying and then failing, DH began to lose hope and in conjuncture, began to gain the weight back.

Over the last 8 months or so. We have toyed with Marines, College, Marines, College and now we are back to Marines, this time with renewed focus.

In the meantime, about 5 months ago we found out we were pregnate. Our 1st for both of us. (I know, that's nearly unheard of anymore) And after we adjusted and stopped being terrified we discovered we were actually quite excited, thrilled in fact.

DH started working out daily. Was losing weight and getting in shape again.

Then at our next Dr visit, another bombshell. We had lost the baby. No particular reason. Just something that happens.

We were devastated.

Luckily though we both leaned on each other and found the support each of us needed in the other.

And now that brings us to where we are today.......

I'm not entirely sure if it's anywhere diffrent from where we started but here we are all the same. Our lives have been flipped upsidedown, shaken back and forth and then flipped over once again so that we are right back where we started but hopefully with a little bit more wisdom and insight that wahat we started with.

DH is getting back into the swing of things. Running at the park daily. Going to PT at the recruiter's twice a week.

We finally moved out of mom's and into our own place (with unfortunately a very inconsiderate roommate).

I've switched jobs. That is defiantly for the better. (Fast food is a despicable job to have. In fact, next time you run through a drive-thru make sure to thank the poor soulless person who has offered their last remaining piece of sanity for a pitiful paycheck and the opportunity to hand you your food with a painfully fake smile plastered on their face.)

And we are once again daring to hope to pull ourselves out of this small time, middle of nowhere, town and to pull together mildly meaningful and moderately happy lives with each other.
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May 8, 2012