My Husband Is Stationed In Korea

it willl be going on three years now, i did go for a while but i had to come come home. i have a son with someone else and i cant move him away like myself and daughter can. this experience has changed us for the worse. we fight about money, him not being able to go out and have fun because we are married. im wanting a divorce, he thinks when he gets home things will be allright but him coming home will not change the way he treated me when he was there.i feel like my husband lives a double life one is real with me an one is not, the one that is not contains girls and friends on the enternet. now that he has come home for the birth of our fourth child we cant sleep together,, he doesnt help me clean... im set in my ways and he thinks hes on vacation. what do i do. i care for him but i dont... sometimes i allmost hate him. i have no trust for him and he has no respect for me. sometimes i just feel like his new mom that he can nut in from time to time. since hes been in korea i have recieved 2 awards. i think to myself wow this is what i got an award for so my husband can be lazy and run all over me from across the world.

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NOTHING excuses this kind of behavior, not being lonely, not being stationed in a different country. I'm sure had the tables been turned and you were the one going around sleeping with juicies, you'd be labeled. Marriage is not a one way street, I had to follow him to Korea, I had to fix my marriage, no way could I just sit back and let him walk all over me like that. It is horrible that get here, and all morals, and all of the Army values go flying right out the window. I wont be cheated on without consequences, this is MY LIFE too. & yes they can divorce you here, and leave you, yes they can marry someone else while here as soon as the divorce from you is final. It happens all the time. I wont sit back in the shadows & be treated like I don't matter.

ladies think about it, you are at home with the kids dealing with real life but he is over in a fantasy world living it up with basically a bunch of frat buddies going out getting drunk and hooking up with ******. i know that sucks but if you ***** at them about it its just gonna drive them farther away. im not saying its right but if you are SERIOUS about keeping it together just give him space to enjoy himself. he is NOT going to marry some **** over here, TRUST me. whats going to happen is he is eventaully going to come back home and have NONE of the wild/fun times he had in korea and he may be bitter about that for a month or so but then hes going to get that he has NOTHING now and nearly lost YOU which is ALL HE HAS left and then he is going to need you again. hey its none of my business, you can all do what you like, im just giving another viewpoint. trust me, bitching him out while hes here in dream land is ONLY going to make YOU and HOME seem like a ****** place. it is NOT going to guilt him into being nicer on the phone or staying in whiel all his buddies are out. anyway whatever happens good luck i know you gals have the **** end of the stick here.

omgeeee i dnt know im new to this..... but my husband is in south korea hes been there since july and we are trying our hardest to get me and our two children over there a boy and a girl age 2 and 1.... i need any advice on wht to do because i have been through so much trying to get everything done to go and it seems like they just keep giving me the run around........ like im doing dummy missions i just need to know exactly wht to do!! lol

I know what really goes on cuz i used to be a female soldier. From my experience 98% of soldiers both men and women cheat. I divorced my husband cuz I cheated. <br />
<br />
I have had dinner with some fellow soldiers wives, thinking as I sat across the table from them... "does she know what he did? does she know he is still with this other woman?" part of me wanted to tell her, but it wasn't my place. <br />
<br />
If your husband has told you he has only kissed girls, he is lying, he has gone ALL THE WAY. <br />
<br />
Now a bit of advice, catch him, and get proof. In the Army, you go to jail for cheating. <br />
<br />
By the way, my second husband is in Korea all alone. I don't trust him a lick. so i put a tap on the computer he brought with him. I know everything he does on that thing. :)

i disagree with what treeteeg said, my husband is in south korea now, and even though they've signed up for the army, in no way are they actually fighting for our country in korea, because there is no war, no violence, nothing, which is why they are making it to where more famlies can come. instead they are going out, drinkin, kissing other girlos, going to clubs doing what they want while we are here taking care of their children, so they have it made. they're not in iraq where people are actually fighting for our country, they're layed back hanging out enjoying no responsibilities. then they get to the point where they dont respect us anymore, probally because they're messing around. korea is full of horney korean women throwing themselves at our soilders, and why wouldnt they give it, we're hundreds of thousands of miles away, and we couldnt possibly be going out or doing anything fun ourselves because we're taking care of our children and trying to be good wives.<br />
so i dont blame you for almost hating him, its the same thing with my husband. i wish you the best of luck.

I am going through the same thing. But my husband does go out and enjoys life while I am in the US taking care of our daughter and I never go out. He hardly ever calls me. And he kissed some girls over there. I want to trust him but it's hard when I am not there. And I am getting tired of it.

my husband is also in s korea and im doing the same thing yall are! I HATE IT