This is my darkest hour, the blackest chapter of my existence. Two and a half weeks ago, we were fighting. We fight a lot, until I am tired. Never had soo many moments of agreeing to disagree simply to go to bed. I wanted to sleep on the couch, he couldn't handle it. Said he had been planning to leave me for a few months, my heart shatters and rage ensues. He took some of his things (and some of mine) and his wonderful dog and left. Have not heard from him since. 3 days after he left my friend dies in a house fire. She was at another friend of mines home. He has lost everything. She was the sister to my best friend, we grieve feeling as if we have lost everything. Our community is in tangles of rage and sadness, pulling apart so quickly. These are my first moments alone since we lost our faerie sister. I go from feeling the full spectrum of emotions all at once to numb in the matter of minutes. Energy is gone. I can hardly bring myself to move, but I must. This is my darkest hour.
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26-30, F
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Keep your head up. The bad things we go through in life are temporary anyways.... God has a plan for us all! :) Look Up to Him ^. He has your back....