My fiancé and I have been together for 7 years and have two children. This is very new to us. But he is allowing me to date someone else. The other man that we call Capper has been in my life for about a month now. We talk more than we see each other due to his work schedule. But things are starting to get pretty hot. Hubby is trying to set some rules about when I should have sex with Capper. He wants me to wait till next weekend to go all the way with this guy. Anyhoot, I'm just here to try to understand this type of relationship since its all very new to me. I have a ton of questions that I need answered. Please share your stories.
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My wife has a boyfriend/friend with benefits that she sees once or twice a week. They have a lot of fun and he knows she loves ME so he makes himself available to her and treats her good without getting too too attached (except below the waist, lol). He doesn't come between her and I like she says, only between her thighs :-D