More Than Once

I used to think that I could ocassionally get laid as long as I could get a shower before my husband noticed.  It only happened a few times with out him knowing, but every single time he wanted me before I could get cleaned up.  Those few times that I was so horny that I thought that I had to get laid without waiting on him, He seemed to be I the same mood.

I would come home thinking that I could hurry and shower, and he would receive me in his arms and begin trying to get in my panties.  The first time I was scared to death, but there is something so hot about getting it from my husband while *** is still coming out of me and making a mess of my panties.  Besides, I couldn't deny him.  It wouldn't be fair.  He always wants to eat me, because he knows I love it.  I knew he would know for sure if he did so I told him I needed him to **** me.  I turned around and put my hands on the sofa back.  He didn't even pull my panties all the way down.  He first commented that I must be really horny, because I was so wet.  He then commented that it felt good and not as tight.  I think he was taking credit that our sex was making me more loose.  The talk made me wilder, and I begain to touch myself.  He then helped by touching me.  I was able to have a second ****** of the day.  The best thing was that the second was with my husband doing it to me harder than it seemed ever before.  He couldn't hold his past my first scream and added it in me.  He pulled my panties up and held me and kissed me.  I could not just go shower right after that, and we actually ended up going out with me a mess like that.  Now that was really wild and hot.

The whole thing was so scarry and hot.  After this happened, mostly by accident, a few more times, I realized that he was fantasizing about having me after I have been laid.  I'm not sure if he was suspecting or just talking erotic in the heat of the moment.  I'm still not sure, but it made me bold.  I promissed that I would fulfill his wish.  I love my husband and don't want to lose him, but I am glad that he likes to share me.

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7 Responses Apr 26, 2010

Once he got over the initial shock, the idea overwhelmed him. Of course he wants you to have fun at work then go home to him... So hot - love sexy wives at work

my wife has come home from a weekend away at a dog show, and has done the same to me. she grabs me in bed and has me **** her and shoot my *** in her. I have often thought the same thing that she has ****** someone else and wants to cover the evidence with my ***, because she won't let me eat her ***** first. I always love eating her ***** before I **** her. But she doesn't know that I would love to hear how good a **** the other man was, and then be allowed to eat the "evidence" myself. I think that it would be such a turn on to eat another mans *** from her hot box.

I seriously doubt your husband didn't know. There's a different feeling between a woman's lubricants and a man's ***. Apparenlty, it doesn't faze him at all. Lucky for you! :)

Thank you sharing this very sexy post! You guys sound like fun.......and you sound like my kins od sexy Hotwife too! :)


i have never eaten another man's cream from my girl's *****... but once a girlfriend of mine gave a guy a ******* at a party, without me having ANY idea... and then came up and kissed me!! that was probably 15 years ago, but i still remember it - it was one of the horniest experiences of my life!!<br />
<br />
what i HAVE done on many occasions is slide-in after someone else has already been there, and i am a total ADDICT!! male come is the absolute best lube - the feeling is FANTASTIC!!!!!

that's so hot. you must have been so turned on having another guys *** in you while your husband was fu cking you. have come across a few girls who've done this and they all say it is an immense rush and turn on. most mentioning that after it they are "hooked" and want to do it again.