I Was Shared For 25 Years

I met my ex husband (Rick) when I was only 19. I had sex with him the first night I met him but he was only the third man I ever made-love to. He was five years older than me and had already been married once. He was the horniest man I'd ever been with and for the first month of our relationship, we were together almost constantly and all we did was eat, drink, and have sex.

When we did go out, we liked going dancing and partying. Barely a month into our torrid relationship, we were getting ready to go out dancing and my husband-to-be confessed that him and his ex-wife used to be swingers and he said he thought I'd have alot of fun if we went to a swing club that night. I didn't know what to say. I really didn't even know what swingers did, but I was totally infatuated with this man and sex with him was the best I ever had. Before I even realized what I'd agreed to, we were on our way to the swinger's club.

The outside of the club was very plain-looking but the inside looked like an upscale disco. Since this was not an "on-premise" club, there was no actual sex-play allowed on-site, so it really was just an upscale dance club. Couples would just mingle and dance and then follow each other from the club to someone's house for a private party or perhaps a big ****.

The first night I went there with him, we ended up following someone to an ****. On the way there, my "boyfriend" and future husband tried to prepare me for what we were getting into and he did his best to assure me that it was ok with him if I wanted to have sex with other men at the "party". He also promised me that he wouldn't even look at another woman that night and he would stay with me and "make sure" I enjoyed myself. I was confused about that statement but when we got there I became scared and excited at the same time. I'd never seen other people having sex before (except in videotapes) and I was shocked by the nakedness and open erotic "action" in every room of the spacious home. I was just buzzed and horny enough to stare in amazement and just "go with the flow".

I had another drink and at some point, a naked man sat down next to me and started talking to us. He was a guy named John and I danced with him a couple of times at the club. As he talked, I couldn't help noticing that he had a raging hard-on. He was cute and I was drunk, naive, and horny. I didn't really say much to him when I danced with him at the club and now, my hub-to-be was doing most of the talking. I was embarrassed when he told the guy that this was my first **** but it kind of broke the ice and before I knew what was happening I was kissing the guy. I found out about a year (and many orgies) later that my ex already knew John because he was the club owner's cousin and had been a part-time bartender at the club for many years. He was one of the few single men they let hang-out at the club on Saturday nights (because it was supposed to be couples only on the weekends). I guess it was because he was a sweet guy and he had a nice, thick **** that he knew how to use. Being the club owner's cousin helped him too, I'm sure.

When I eventually found out that Rick had talked to John at the club that night and had hand-picked him to be the one to initiate me into having sex at the ****, I began to realize how much my concept of sex had changed in the year since I met Rick. I also began to realize that Rick really, really did like to watch me with other men. The few men I'd been with before him would get jealous over the littlest things and all along I'd been expecting Rick to quickly get over the idea of me having sex with other men. That never happened though, and who knows what would have happened that night if I had refused to take John's hand and follow him back to one of the back bedrooms while my ex walked behind us and assured me that everything was ok and that I should just "relax and do what comes naturally". I was scared that if I did it with John, Rick would suddenly get jealous and think I was a sl*t. I also worried that Rick might leave me if I didn't want to swing, so I was trembling with emotion when I layed down on the bed with John. As he started eating me though, I started getting hornier and hornier. He ate me for what seemed like forever and when he eventually started trying to **** me I didn't put up much resistance. I ended up screwing three different men that night (not counting my hub-to-be) and doubled the number of men who had "had" me up to that point. The weirdest part of the whole thing was that Rick was right there next to me the whole time and encouraging me to enjoy myself. It was strange looking into his eyes while another man was giving it to me good, and listening to him tell me how hot and horny I looked when I was screwing and how much he loved me. Everything about that wild night made me hornier than I ever felt before and I was happy that it had turned out so well.

I moved in with Rick a few weeks and a few orgies later and spent the next twenty-five years of my life with him. For the first 15 years of our relationship we continued to swing in a variety of ways. The first 7-8 years was mostly swing clubs, couples, and orgies, and I was heavily into dancing and playing with other women. The last 7-8 years that we were, what I consider "active swingers", we were mostly into ********** with straight, single men. Rick's favorite part of swinging had always been sharing and watching me other men and over the years I had learned to love the erotic attention of horny strangers.

For years we advertised for single men in swinger's magazines (because we didn't have a home computer yet) and Rick would arrange "dates" for me. He spent alot of time going through all the letters we got, rejecting the obvious losers, and then getting in touch with the men who looked like good possibilities. He would talk to the guys ahead of time and sometimes even met them for lunch. He was totally straight and he swore that the only reason he went to so much trouble was because he wanted every one of my swinging experiences to be a good one. By that point, it was no secret that he didn't care what I did sexually with other men, as long as he got to watch, so it was in his best interest to make sure I had quality lovers.

During that MFM stage of our lives our sexual relationship was in high-gear and I was what we call today, a "hotwife", but Rick was not really a cuckold husband. He was always there with me and he was always in control of the situation. I felt safe having him there with me but after I'd have a couple of drinks and start focusing on the guy, I would almost forget that he was even there. We got our enjoyment from it, I mean me and Rick, as a couple, from talking about my lovers while he and I had sex. Rick loved to talk nasty to me and his horny sex-talk made us both very hot for each other. As much as I loved the sex I had when I was being shared, the sex I had with Rick, and my love for Rick, made the sex we had as a couple just as satisfying (in it's own way) as all the wild stuff I did with my lovers.
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Interesting experience! After you got comfortable with all this did he also start having sex with other women?
Shortly after I met my first wife when we were both in college she introduced me to sharing, but it always went both ways. I never really had much choice in the matter, she said at the outset that she was sleeping with other guys, and didn't want to stop, and, of course, I could do as I wished. Any hesitation I had quickly vanished when she told me her very hot roommate liked me, and she had arranged for us to spend a night together. And so it continued throughout our marriage.

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Great story, would love to chat.

Loved your story Nicole. Want to say hello. ;)

hot and sexy

My ex-wife and I use to go out on a regular basis. A couple of times I gave her the ok for a quickie with a guy we both know. It was very erotic.

We are into swinging and love it

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Enjoyment had by all it seems.

Great story please add me

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Such an interesting life and a loving one.. thanks for sharing

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very hot very very honest,well done.Are you two still togetherI never could get past the 10 year mark in this life style

wow! it is so fascinating to read your story! you can almost write a book about your experiences! would love to be in touch with a hot woman like you always and that too when you come out amazingly honest!

Great affectionate, heartfelt story.

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Very touching story, open and honest. i like it!

must've had one hell of a 25 years! my hubby and I have the same age difference and we've been doing this for 5 years now =)

unbelievably sexy

What happened? Why did you divorce? I am very interested in getting into this lifestyle with wifey, but I am afraid of losing her. I am intrigued by cuckoldry and I have recently discovered that I am a humiliation junkie.

Nice, this story made my **** really hard. I have managed to have the pleasure of sitting next to clothed female and ********** for her as we chatted. So arousing.