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Over My Knee Therapy

I haven't been on in a while been busy renovating our home and doing my best to keep my sassy mouth in check but the stress has been twofold because of "tons" of decisions we have to make, etc. Sometimes by the end of the day I am mentally exhausted and my two brain cells that are still functioning "forget" what will happen if I am being disrespectful.

So................last weekend after working all day painting trim and all that goes with it, my baby and I stepped outside to take in the beauty of our little lake front home that we recently moved into. We started "discussing" what kind of vanity and sink for the bathroom and I told him I saw a copper sink that I loved and wanted. He asked how much? I told him the sink was over $375.00 but that it would be a "conversation piece". He looked at me lie I had ten heads and said why do we need a conversation piece in the bathroom? Good point, I guess but I did REALLY WANT it so I kept up why can't I EVER get what I want, blah, blah, blah. He looked me in the eye and said enough! He then turned to walk off the dock and I was so mad I walked behind him and shoved him sideways off into the water!!!! I then realized I was in deep. I turned to look at his shock face came to the surface and before he could even speak I took off running. He yelled that I was going to be very, very sorry.....nothing like stating the obvious:-(. I got into my car and locked the door....he came into the garage and with water dripping off his face calmly said "get out of the car and come inside".....I started crying (as usual) and said please no baby, I was just playing". He said NOW! I kept trying to talk him out of what I knew was going to happen....he then said I am going to go get the other key, and when I do, your licking is going to be that much longer. So I opened the door and got out and he closed my door gave me a few warm up slaps and said get upstairs you are getting some over my knee therapy......continuing to cry I went upstairs with him behind me and he grabbed me as soon as he walked in and started taking my shorts down and I was pleading, no, no, no, I'm sorry please no. Then the panties were down and he turned me over his knee and warmed my butt GOOD! I truthfully don't know what possessed me.....
compassionategirl compassionategirl 41-45, F 5 Responses Sep 21, 2012

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Deserved you right. You got off lightly as a good, hard paddling is what I'd given you young lady polished off by 12 strokes of the cane.

Oh my gosh! O.o
I wouldn't have a butt left if I was you!
I chipped my love's tooth one time "playing around" and I was in so freaking deep! Sucks when you do something spontaneous and it turns out that you're in deep.
I try the "hiding" thing too. Never works.
I also try walking off when we're walking to my destination.... Doesn't work either... :/

Oh so happy to discover I'm the only one to do something silly I bit Mr. D on the leg during my first spanking. I keep my teeth to myself now, and running I found does no good either. I agree you should have jumped in an acted like you were playing. But I understand why you ran it's that look, your brain sort of goes oh no. But it is kind of funny I would have liked to see his face. :)

Please, no man had better ever try to spank me. I will punch in the mouth.

I think that's actually kinda funny. My husband is too big for me to ever push like that but I'm sure if I did he'd have taken me down with him.