My Husband Gave Me The Worse Spanking Ever For Lying!

I'm in my bedroom waiting for my husband to come home with one of my husbands belts beside me. I'm in trouble for lying again. He promised me on the phone that I won't be sitting down for a few days. This belt is big and has a lot of holes in it for extra sting. I must be in position and waiting when he arrives. Laying bare bottom over a pillow with my arms spread out. He will lecture me and never know when the first whack will come. No warm ups ever! He goes straight to a hard spanking. He usually lets each whack sink in before he delivers the next one. But sometimes he gives 4 to 8 real fast. Then slows down again. Tonight I'm probably going to get around 100 is my guess and it will take a long time to be done. When he is done I must lay there without touching my bottom until he is satisfied each whack has made a lasting impression. I am very nervous and scared. I would rather get in the spot spankings. Anticipation is too hard. I know I need to work on not lying. I know he loves me. Gotta go I just heard his car pull in the garage. ;(

Wow! It was way worse than I anticipated. First, I should know better than to try to talk my way out of my discipline and second I really should know better than to move to avoid a whack in progress! Usually after this much time has passed my bottom is tingling with a reminder of my spanking but right now it's still on fire!
When I heard my husband's car pull in the driveway, I quickly took down my panties to my knees and laid over the big pillow to raise my bare bottom up for easier exposure and spread my arms out wide as my husband has instructed me to do. I heard him downstairs moving around in the kitchen as I laid there wanting to scream for him to hurry up and get it over with. Then I heard his footsteps on the stairs and I wanted to hide but I just stayed in position waiting.
When he came in the room he had a bag in his hand that he sat on the night table. He began his lecture about my lying habit and how it needed to be the last time I ever lied to him. He told me it was his job to make sure I never lied again. He told me to sit up and follow him to our master bathroom. I did as I was told not knowing what was next. He brought the belt with him and handed it to me and instructed me to lay it out flat on the counter between the two sinks. I did. Then he gave me a paper towel and the bag and told me to take out the baby oil inside the bag and to put a nice layer of it on the belt. He said this would really maximize each stinging whack. I began to protest and he listened and then after a minute said that rant had earned me extra whacks. I hesitated for a second and he said my hesitation was disrespectful and warranted more additional whacks so I knew I better and to just do it.
When I was done I was told to bring the belt with me back to the bed and he would be right in to deal with my *** and my lies. Again i laid there waiting. He came in a couple minutes later and began rubbing baby oil on my bottom to give more stinging action. He talked about the lying and why it was wrong I had my face down in the pillow not knowing when the first whack was going to land. Then bang! I never felt so much pain in one spank before! He told me I had earned 125 slow harsh and painful spanks. I braced myself. He reminded me if I moved or tried to prevent a whack the count would start all over even if he was on the very last whack. I told him I understood and I was sorry and would never lie to him again and he said I guarantee by the time I'm done you won't for sure. Then each whack stung worse than the last. I tried to not move so as not to earn more. He goes so slow and I never know when the next whack will come or where exactly it will land. He lectures me along the way. About half way through he stopped and said he would finish tomorrow (today) when he gets home from work. He said he wanted to make sure I continue to feel each whack as after so many you don't feel it as much as needed to ensure my discipline was effective. I guess I thought that meant he would not whack me anymore at the time then all of the sudden just as I let my body relax WHACK!! The super of all whacks! And, I screamed and rolled over! BIG MISTAKE! I got five more harsh and fast whacks and will get five additional ones later too! I swear I will never lie again. After he was done he told me to lay there and not touch my bottom unless I felt I needed more spanks. My *** was and still is in fire and I know better be ready with the baby oil and in position when he gets home tonight. He was right when he said he guaranteed I would never lie again. He just called to check on me and remind me again of how much he loves me and hopes he never has to be that harsh again. He really is a sweet and loving husband. And, this really is better than arguing and holding grudges like I see other couples do. Once I have been disciplined it is over with unless I do it again. Then it's my own fault for not learning my lesson. I'm going to be a mess all day waiting because I know he won't be any less harsh than last night. He never changes his mind.

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I had a 4 night spanking for texting and driving for the second time. My last session is tonight. Can't wait for this to be over with. I know I deserve it

I am ashamed, You deserve a spanking and a shagging, as do most women, But that is ALL.

I feel for you and your bum. Even tho this story is old! My bum stings reading this. My husband has a no lie rule as well. And it's close to yours but I also get the corner and no phone the works. I have never lied as I'm scared to death of the punishment and I'm not one to lie anyways. But he said just in case it crosses my mind I know what to expect. And lieing by omission is still a lie to him too. Yikes.

I have a boyfriend who is going to start this concept and made me read this and I'm super nervous


I hope you make better decisions. Lying is never ok

Mine has never used a belt but instead he has an old fishing rod, I've not had it used on me yet, he usually uses his hand or a brush but I'm still scared of that rod. He always reminds me that he has it and i shut my mouth cause his hand hurts enough!

wow i thought this only happens to me but after similar experience and its been a year since my harsh punishment with his belt and chilly powder in my mouth with 6 months of grounding I have never lied or broken a rule of my husband

My husband is sweet and nice and all my friends love him. They would never guess that he spanks me hard on the bare about 3 or 4 times a week. He says he works to long to keep up with all my transgressions so he spanks me whenever he has time. If I haven't been disobedient he still says I need it to keep me sweet and good to him and our family. He thinks I am a bit irritable if not put over his knee regularly. You should not lie to your husband and of course he should spank you for it. Perhaps if he also added regular weekly or daily spankings your attitude and behavior would improve and you would not lie. You are right . This is better. I would rather be spanked than yelled at continually, have him hold grudges or divorced. We are very close and loving to each other, we have a great time together and we both know our household roles without question. I do not resent him for the spankings at all. I thank him and god for every spanking he has loved me enough to administer, and for our happy 30 year long marriage. As a child in the sixties many of us girls new that our Dads sometimes spanked out Moms and we all got spanked by our Dads too. When I first got married my church required me to say "obey" during our marriage vows. I am not very religious but before we married my husband told me that as my husband he expected to have final authority and asked for my consent for him to give me a spanking when he felt it would be helpful.He also wanted to spank me for erotic reasons . This seemed natural and right to me. I have never regretted giving my consent although I have sat on many a pillow.

its two years on and tell me have u lied to him again or given him any other reason to spank you?

what do you do when your husband tell a lie?

she puts up with everything obviously

125 seems pretty harsh - but who am i kidding? i'd lie to get more spanks!

My boyfriend Is reluctant to spank :/

I am glad but why (out of curiocity)

This is too many belt whacks at once.

For the women who actually believe this is right, you need help. This is abuse on a high level... You are not subject to a beating for doing wrong. I'm sorry to say this is some sick bullcrap.

to each their own, Amanda.....

there are some men who can only get turned on by seeing a woman being dominated in some way. This might be in reality, which turns them on very strongly, or it might be only virtually, which also does the trick. I, for example would never inflict pain on anyone or anything, certainly not on the person I love, but I need to read stories of women being dominated, or pictures of this, the more cruel the stories or pictures the better, but to really hurt a person I think is a mental illness, which comes from confusing thought and imagination with reality. Normal people know the difference.

It is a shame you pass judgment on a topic you know NOTHING about. You sound bitter.

I want to be

That was creamy good, awesome... i wish i had a wife with such 'burning' desires. :)

i wish i had a husband that actually wanted to do this to me

O man, I wish I could get spanked. I tried explaining the need to my husband and he just doesn't get it.

I know my husband will not even talk about it, even though I want it and do what he desires. I think I will have to stop doing things he wants in bed until he does this, spanking!

That's a great idea! Baby oil!! :)

As I have learned on quite a few occasions a blistered butt from a belt punishment is probably the only way to truly teach someone a lesson that won't be forgotten. My husband is very strict and I feel that leather strap at least every 2-3 months, quite severely. A minimum of 25 times always. Uually 50-75. OWWWWWWWWW!

But it works - doesn't it?

Are you still lying to your husband?

You are very lucky to have a HoH with a firm hand and a set of rules that he lives by.
Lying is the worst thing you could ever do to your husband. It is disobedient, disrespectful and disloyal.
I hope you appreciate what a wonderful husband you have!

When I read about a discipline spanking I often think "awwwww". I don't feel sorry for them, it's that type of feeling when you see something cute or romantic. I don't know what's gotten into me, I know it hurts, but it's a reaction. I've allowed my husband to spank me for something I did 3 times. He doesn't ask me or decide to do it, he hints at it. That's okay for now, I'm comfortable with that, I feel secure about no surprise discipline. My mind went further in my dream last night without my consent, I enjoyed that dream. In those 3 times I was never struck more than 8 times beacuse he stopped shortly after I started begging him to stop. Maybe I'm not cut out for this. I wish he wouldn't stop so soon, I can't help breaking down because he strikes me with his belt so hard. I feel so inadequate that everyone else seems to be able to take way more. I didn't eat a sandwich for lunch today like my husband said. I skip meals on a regular basis because eating is such a pain. If I don't eat he can't do anything about it but threaten me over the phone, he's all the way in Illinois. Although, I love his threats. My favorite is when he says he'll get on a plane over here to spank me. Lol. :D I'd love for him to take a flight to see me, even if he spanks me mercilessly. I try not to make him too upset, I think I'm a tiny bit afraid he's serious. Lol.

I believe that crying is a woman's right. Some men have an odd belief that crying is manipulative. There is such a thing as "a good cry"! Sometimes I think that the women who are being severely belted are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. But, I've never been hit more than 20 times in one session & the blows were NOT all on my butt! So, I can't say for sure what is 'too much'.

you will learn that truth is better if you dont want a sore butt for christmas

Wish my husband would be more serious. You are very lucky to have someone who cares enough to make sure you improve. And abundant desires88 take your views else where they are not welcome here. Our lifestyle is none of your business. Do we go to your posts and call you or your spouse names like children? Grow up.

That's why I don't respond to people who do not understand this kind of relationship. I will speak openly and answer questions to anyone who is not judgemental. I just ignore those with closed minds.

Good luck with your relationship.

I got 10 hard ones not long ago and when he comes home I will be Recieving the rest. I'm so sore and I don't know if I can lay still for it. My bum is all red and bruise from the last two days :(:(:(

You can do it. Just relax. You must lay over the bed? Grab hold tight of the bedding. My husband used to allow me to do that. Now in order to prove self discipline I must lay my palms flat on the bed. Remember you are being disciplined you did wrong to your husband and your marriage and now you need to be corrected for the future. Your marriage will benefit greatly but you must obey your husband's will and authority. If you move you are not respecting his command and you will earn more?? Are your spankings on your bare bottom? If so are you allowed to ask that the next time or two they not be bare? If I question my husband's discipline I get more so I don't ask. I'm not sure what your rules are.

If you don't mind my asking, how long were you in LDD before you quit being allowed to hold on to the bed? I admit that I don't have a husband in case that makes a difference in your answer.

He wants me over his knee and I'm not to move or put my hand in the way to stop it. It's bare bottom and he will not allow it any other way. He is nice about it but he won't cave in. I just get in more trouble. I know I deserve this but I am so nervous. He will be home in a few hours. I am sore and I don't want any more. He won't use his hand he said it will be the belt! :(:(:( how are you holding up?

If you get in trouble very often, the punishment may quit being discipline and just be pain. Could you ask him to let you lie on the bed and have some blows on thighs &upper back?

I'm doing ok. I think I recovered and I'm getting ready for Sundays discipline.
If you are over his knee then he should be purring his leg over yours and then with his non spanking hand held behind your back and you lay over the arm closest to his body. That should keep you from moving. It will also help to keep your body supported so you don't get hurt. I prefer over the bed myself.

I want to hide the belt. I can't stand to know its coming. I have a few hours before he's home. Strength??!!!!

You will be ok. You need this so you can be a better wife. How many more whacks do you have coming? Is this maintenance or discipline??

Discipline and he won't say how many:(

I always know in advance how many whacks I have coming. Sometimes I have to count each one out loud. If not I'm not allowed to say anything. I'm allowed to cry and scream if I have to. And trust me I've had to scream many times.

He asks me to lie over his knee If I put my hand in the way to stop it he will remove it. It's bare bottom and he will not allow it any other way. I say I'm sorry and that I will never do it again but it doesn't work. I think it's a good idea but I am so nervous. He will be home in a few hours. I am sore and I really don't want to be spanked any more. He won't use his hand (maybe because it hurts) and I don't know what else he will use. :(

I know many people are against restraints, but if it is a lot of blows, I think literally being FORCED to be still makes sense.

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Sorry 25 more not hrs. I'm still sore can't focus!

I haven't got that many yet but we have just started enforcing discipline. A few days ago I got ten then yeaterday 25 hrs ones and then today I'm at 20 already. I can't lay still during it which makes it worse. I need advice, how do I just take it without moving? I deserve it but it still sucks. It's always with the belt and he doesn't care how sore my butt is. I know this is minor compared to yours but it still hurts so bad!

I have learned to focus on my wrong doing. It takes a true understanding of your behavior and true acceptance for repentance. Then I just focus and accept each whack as it is delivered. It's not easy but I've lived under his belt for 12 years now. Eventually, you will get used to it to a point. I still manage to wiggle around a bit to almost always earn a few extra whacks. If you receive extra for moving maybe focus on the thought that you do not want to earn more. Good luck and feel free to ask me anything you want to know about being disciplined.

I have so much to learn and so much work to do on myself! Maybe you could email me or is there a private message place on this! It feels nice knowing I'm not the only one who struggles sometimes

125 i bet ur *** so dam red now

It was... But as soon as my husband felt I had recovered enough is when I got the spanking that turned my bottom purple. It hurt much worse!

purple means its gone for while i wonder how can u use restroom

I am not being a smart ***, but women don't need to sit down to pee - it's just our clothing that makes us sit or squat.

Trust me everything is difficult to do still. He got his message across for sure.

So u will become?,,,,


Learn the lesson

I hope so but I have been known to have repeat offenses before. And repeats earn extra whacks too. ;(.

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i'm sitting here reading your story. i would like to "try" to feel compassion for you but somehow i can't. you knew what was expected of you but you went and croosed that line anyway.
i do hope that you are a fast learner and not make that mistake twice. just sayin'.
Be well,

p.s. plz take the time to read my tale of, "Reluctant discipline."

I usually learn well but I seem to be on scroll right now. I'm getting another one on Sunday evening for reading inappropriate stuff on the Internet. He is waiting until Sunday to give my bottom some relief from this spanning. He wants to be sure I feel every spank i will be receiving. Sunday at 9 pm you know where I'll be. ;(.

I wish I had someone to tell me how much time I am allowed on the internet! I have been on 12 hours straight except for eating & the necessary things.

No one should ever need to feel bad for my discipline. I know the rules....

Do you have children? I spanked my son pretty much the way your husband spanks you and found it very effective?

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I'm so glad the second half of my spanking is over with. I haven't been able to sit down since it was done. I just had to move and wiggle around too much and that caused me to get an additional 25 spanks! I'm worn out no matter how much I deserved it. I know I won't tell another lie to my husband again! I hope! I really don't think I'll ever forget this spanking it really was the worse one in 12 years of being disciplined.

Can I ask what you lied about?

Be sure to drink plenty of water after a belting; it takes a lot out of you.

He just called to let me know he would be home soon from work and I needed to be ready and waiting for the rest of my spanking. My butt is still red and on fire. But, if I ask to wait until tomorrow I know he will say no. I know I deserve it so I shouldn't complain.
How bad was your spanking??

I respectfully say that you shouldn't be re=spanked if your buns are red already.