The House Party

Karen and I have been swinging for a couple of years now. I rarely play, but Karen has no trouble finding partners and that is fine with me. So that brings me to the story that happened a couple of months ago at a house party. The party started off slow as usual, but around midnight it got going pretty good. I had been down stair es talking to some people, not really paying attn to where Karen was when a friend told me I should check out the action up stair es in the master bedroom. So I went up  and there was Karen on the bed laying on her back with the host and his 9" **** buried balls deep in her. Also another man with a thick 8" was getting some expert oral from my wife. She was having a great time and was also very loud when she would have one of her many ******'s. It was a sight to see them going at her and swapping places for a solid hour. This ********* party drew quite a crowd with a few more guy's giving her something to hold in her hands.

When we got home after the party I just had to have her also, she was all swollen and red. I slid in her easily as she was still stretched and unloaded my deposit in her, and then we fell asleep. The next day she asked when the next party would be!

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Sounds like a great time. We go to house parties too and wife always has that kind of fun too. She always seems to get laid by 4 or 5 guys. I always like to see her ***** red and swollen like you said. And when it is stretched out, it feels like a totally different *****, but it always makes me *** quickly.

The house party's are the best, because everyone is there for sex and you know at any minute it can start!

I love it when at a party and someone comes to tell me my wife is playing with a couple of guys and it looks hot. I always go immediately and check on her usually to find the same as you did, several people watching and her getting banged.

That's an awesome experience, I'm glad you are so open about it. As long as it's ok with the both of yall, don't worry about what nobody else thinks. Enjoy your life, you only live once. Ps. Invite me to the next party so that I could **** your wife.

The next party is this Saturday 10-22-11

Where are you guys located, I'm in NJ