My Husband's Fetish

Dont know what to do anymore, i found out that my husband likes wearing nappies after we were married 14 years ago and i was horrified.  I asked him to stop doing this and has said numerous times he has but kept doing it behind my back.  He now does it when he works away in his lorry. I can't stand the though of him doing this and really puts me off him sexually.  I need a real man not a sissy man.  Not sure what to do anymore, we have 3 children and 2 of my children actually saw pictures of himself on his phone wearing a nappy which resulted in us separating for a while.  We got back together again only recently and have found out again he has been doing it privately in his lorry and also keeping a laptop in his locker at work just for looking up these fetish sites.  Not sure what to do anymore, if he loves me surely he would give this up, its like him having an affair to me.
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i was forced to be the baby i was 45678910 and so on i would be beaten by belt or anything at hand i slept in a cot had nappies and baby pants, had lots of therapy. and was told that because of what happened i will always feel the need to wear nappies drink baby milk. many times i tried end my life i was married twice first marriage i lost my daughter 2 give up my job to look after my kids and let my x do her training she knew about my past when she was my girlfriend used to baby me as she understood what i went threw then ditched me. i have a partner that lets me have a nappy and baby pants lets me breast feed but i have my baby bottle and dummy. i do crave for a loving loyal mummy as people use my good loving nature when im treated as a baby i show my love respect and trust to a loving loyal woman that understands me for what i am . people go threw a lot in life some open up and others hide as they feel they are doing wrong my professional workers say people want to understand you while others judge you. a lot of women love men as babies as they have full control over the men. as they know men never grow up. im 53 now and because of all my life being hurt used i am a baby trapped in a mans body crying out hurt pain. life is set out for you. my life i wish i had have been brought up the proper way but now i am what i am for my entire life. but i never judge anyone as to the way there life is

This is a little old and in curious about the out come. I will say that he needs to want to change for himself or it will never be a permanent end. I find the word of God to be encouraging.

If he is anything like me he will be unable to give this up. I wet the bed and have done on and off most of my life. I could never give this up and have tried on numerous occasions in the past but eventually decided to hell with this and allowed my self to regress and wet in my sleep every night now and couldn't be happier. Nappies are a big part of this and the enjoyment of all things wet. It is harmless though to most people a disgusting habit.