My Sneaky Husband, His Surprise.

I don't know what to other than if you have not read any of my previous stories, well, read them and it will make it easier for you to understand me and what I write about. I am married, happily, to a man that is a bit younger than myself. He says I am wonderful, hot and sexy and all that he wanted. He told me than when we got married that it was for better or worse and I surely have better. He also told me that he would not run around or cheat and expected the same from me. So, when just about two weeks ago he began to act a bit strange, I got worried. I work with him and am around him most of the day and I began to think it strange that he had to leave work to run an errand, see a customer or something else like that. This went on, sporadically, up until last Thursday night. I thought that I would let it go until the weekend at which time I would ask him what was going on. Didn't make it till the weekend to do this as on Friday morning, after waking up, I was told that I was not needed at work until later on and to do something useful such as go food shopping or go pay the business property tax. And, he said, was to drive careful. What a way to start the day. I do all this already, but to be told that I was not needed at work was a bit too much for me. I finished eating breakfast, got dressed and went to leave and do my errands. I hit the switch to open my door of our three car garage, set the alarm and went out to the garage. What I seen shocked me. My Mercedes was moved to the middle and in it's place was a brand new Mustang GT Coupe. What's this? Race Red with black pin striping. I looked inside, seen an envelope on the steering wheel and then notice the door. My name, Terry, was painted in script in a break in the striping. There was a small green shamrock painted next to my name. I opened the door, noticed the keys in the ignition, and grabbed the card. Oh my, it is our anniversary of when we met! I could not believe he got this for me and never expected this at all. I know that I told him that I liked the Mustangs, but never expected to get one. After I read the card, I must have spent an hour looking it over before taking it out on my errands. I could not believe him. After finishing my errands, which I could hardly concentrate on, I headed to work. I do not think I need to say ow hard I hugged him once I got there. All his sneaking around was him picking it up, trailering it to have it rust proofed and undercoated and to get the striping painted, then getting it home. All his sneakiness and my worrying. I told him that I was worried that something was going on, and something sure was. He told me that I had and never will have anything to worry about and that I deserved it for being just me. He also told me that we were going away for the weekend. Well, I stayed with him at work the rest of the day and he drove home with me that evening and we got ready to go out. After we showered together as we always do, we got dressed and left. I decided to dress extra sexy for him and picked the appropriate outfit as he needed a surprise too. Hot outside or not, I picked out, amongst my closet full of leather, my tight strapless red leather mini dress with snaps that ran all the way up the back. Wore my pink leather, ten strap garter belt and my black and red Pleaser platform pumps. I have plenty of clothes at our condo in Vernon so there was no need to bring more. We took my new car and rode out to Lambertville to eat dinner and shop. The whole time we were there I could not take my mind off that new car and how stupid I felt about my worrying. He could not take his hands off of me. He had, as always, his hand around me and held me tight. I have no doubt how he feels about me as he cannot stand to not be around me. Maybe it was about ten when we left there and headed toward the condo, stopping only to eat again. We arrived there well after one in the morning. I figured that he would be tired and want to sleep. Wrong! The moment we got in and locked the door, he started. It was only seconds before he popped all the snaps on the back of my leather dress and it was lying on the floor. He was quick to undress and get me on the floor too. No need to take any thong off as I did not wear one and he likes to make out with me in my heels, so they, along with the stockings stay on too. I like it this way too. He always starts out kissing, then works on licking and kissing just about any and all parts of my body. He loves sucking on my big, silicone filled breasts and burying his tongue in my big and deep navel. Or spend an hour eating at the "y", as he says. Once inside of me this guy has incredible staying power and will totally wear wear me out. We did not finish until maybe about an hour before sun rise and got only a few hours sleep. Once we did wake up, it was time to do it again. Then, once up, he made me breakfast, we showered and went to mass. No, I did not dress like I did the day before to go to mass. But I did later when we got back to the condo later. At lunch I got another surprise. I was informed that in December we would be going to Germany for 1 week, France for one week and to Ireland to visit my family for two weeks! Surprise, surprise!
Now, for all those who said that an older Irish woman marrying a younger Polish man simply would not work, well, they were wrong. I am happy and so is he and he has no qualms with me writing about it. If any readers are tired of me writing, just sat so. If not, and you want me to writ more, then comment and say so. Time to go to sleep now and that is only if my husband is tired, which he probably isn't after watching Law and Order.
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Wow, how beautiful. I'm so happy for your success - in everything.

I do wonder about the Polish Irish thing... I have been attracted to Irish women myself, but know I have seen more failures because of our testy backgrounds. I'm happy to hear your situation works. It is always good to be reminded of the happiness and not the shortcomings.