Back From Europe

Finally, we are back home! I am glad to be back and hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As I mentioned in my last story, we were leaving for Europe on a long vacation with Germany, France, Poland and Ireland being our destination. Fortunately my husband has dependable people that work for him that can take care of things while we are away, and all those sky miles racked up thru the business credit cards were well used. Anyway, we got back this past Friday night and the only change we made to our plans was to go to the Ukraine instead of Poland. We had a great time and my husband, having been in the military, wanted to visit every military museum possible and tour the Maginot Line in France. I cannot go into length over everything we did, but I can tell you what happened when we visited our last country. Ireland, my country of birth, is where we finished up our vacation and it was a flop as well as being great. It was a flop because most of my family, namely my siblings, made fools of themselves. As I should have predicted, they were drunk most of the time and arrogant toward me and my husband. Needless to say, we stayed at an inn instead of with them. They thought it was a joke that I married such a younger man and were very disrespectful and did not display much hospitality. If it were not for my husband, I would not have such a good life like I have now and am totally in love with him. Well, once they found out how well off we are financially, they literally kissed his *** in hopes of getting financial support from him. His answer was absolutely no, and I had to agree with him. They could work, but do not want to. It is called laziness. If my husband can, at a young age, build up a successful business then at least they can get up and work. So, saying no to them more or less brought that part of our vacation to an icy halt. Then, something funny happened. While we were in Ireland, we happened to run into my ex husband. This is the ex husband who brought me to the US, only to dump me for a younger woman, financially and emotionally drain me and leave me on the verge of being deported. My new husband, the man I am married to now and will remain married to, cleaned up that mess for me. Well, surprise, surprise! My ex was back home visiting his ill mom, but without his wife. Turns out she left him. When you do bad to others, it will come back to you and what he did to me came right back to him. He at first thought that I was there alone and had the nerve to ask me if I would consider coming back to him. He begged, literally, saying that things will be different. They sure are different. I was quick to point that out, and was quick to point out that things are different and that they are different with someone else. At first I ran into him while in town by myself, but made sure that wherever I went after that first encounter that my husband was with me. Oh yes, he seen me with my husband and that was my revenge. For what he did to me, I think I deserved a little revenge. This happened four days before we were due to come home and I only hope that when he returns to the US that he will not look for me. I know that if he does, my husband will not take that very lightly.
Enough of all this, I am tired! On the way home Friday night from the airport I asked my husband if he had a good vacation and was glad to be home. He said that he had a great time and has a great time, no matter what, as long as it is with me. Yes, he was glad to get home and on the way back from the airport told me that all he wanted to do was get home and bang his busty, red head wife in our own bed. I can definitely agree to that!
Korrupted Korrupted
46-50, F
Feb 10, 2013