My Mans Shrinking kate.i cant talk 2 anyone about thisjust my family and girlfriends as i dont want 2 humilate my married 3 years im 34 yrs old my husband hubby was 5ft8.over a 7 month period he sunk 2 and below my hight slowly.weve been to mayo clinic dr after dr.and no pain no nothing.every medical center or tests are normal.but he sunk from 5ft8 to 5ft4 and a half.i mean shouldnt they have found ANYTHING?i nlove my husband no matter how small he is but i was verry worried at first.but im so used 2 it now and i feel more in control.i know it sounds selfish but i never thought hede start shrinking 3 years ago either.the only other thing is a 21 pound weght loss.other then that hese fine. oh and another wardrobe.our relationship at least with me is fine.i take more care of him now.i had 2 take a job bieng hese not working cuase of the changing.but my husband is so upset.he ll lash out at me 4 no reason .ignore me.even wene i say i love you he fights with me.weve tried 2 explain whats hapening to him with our 5 yr old daughter but she doesnt understand and is losing respect 4 him.i think as he shrinks so does his manhood.thats what my girlfriend says.might be why he sometimes lashes out at me.with heels i dwarf my once taller husband.wene i do kiss him now i feel a rush of power./i hope im not bieng selfish or mean but ive never seen him this 1st question is am i bieng selfish?and after months of testing were can we go from here?its so great 2 talk things out wene no one see s or knows you.thats why im writing this.thank you verry much.  

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one day, for my bad luck, we went to a restaurant that has a HIGH window and while we are going to order, my lil sister and I know that i cant reach my head at the window ,she said what is your order? cuz' i ma gonna order ,baby brother ! ,she laughed. I felt embarrassed.while she was ordering , i looked to her hands's elbows that can stand on the window and her chest reach it too. while even my head can't .every 3 weeks i see how she is growing faster . I am a DWARF brother to her.
iam 20 yrs old man and (150cm) ... my little sister 15 yrs old and (179cm) !!!.. read my stories ..its about that ..UPDATE: now my top of the head can reaches her breasts while she is barefoot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is he still shrinking? Can you pick him up easily?

This story is old, Can you please update? I, too, have lost 6 inches. I was 5'6 4 years ago. Now I'm hovering around the 5 foot mark. My girlfriend's 10 year old daughter is like 1 inch shorter than me and growing fast, I'm afraid she'll become taller than me before the year is up

That does suck.. Have bone density test! Im having that done. I have lost over a foot in height. I was 5"8 now im only 4"7 tall!! Its hard on me and my wife...

Wow, that is a very weird and sad story ! I feel so bad for your husband :(. I wouldn't want to be in his position. No one does !

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I belive as we get older our dics gets compacted and hence seem to skrink.does you husband have a job that he has to do heavy lifting .a few years ago I actally though my feet got longer but in really as I got older my foot arch flatten thus made my foot push forward this also makes you seem to skrink.please get back with me if you under stand what I'M saying

dunno what doctor 2 bring my husband 2 next