What Most Men Want

men have a desire to *** inside their wife or ect. they also day dream of having their wife spread her legs and let other men *** in her as well. many men never ask because lots of us would love to see a black man with a huge **** *** deep in her *****. my wife and i were watching an interacial movie when i asked her if she would let a black guy *** in her, and she said only if i was there.i have sence watched her as 9 black men took turns one after the other shoot their *** in her. it was really fun and we still meet the same men after 5 years. but the sexiest thing about having that many men ******* in her is most of it stays inside her, i think that really sexy and she has slept with it all in her to turn me on even more
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What you don't understand about women is that we want our man/men to have dominant ***** pumping into us... either with or without your knowledge. Truly liberated women want to bred with men who dominate other people, who are leaders, who will take care of us and our children, who will make other dominant children in our wombs.<br />
<br />
If we find such a man, there is almost NO limit to what we will do to satisfy/please you.

Very very very well said

We will also LEAVE you for him. Truly "liberated" women usually have the intelligence to recognize that safe sex is called "safe" for a reason, and unsafe sex is dangerous. You may end up impregnated by another man if he **** in you, but you also may end up diseased, and eventually dead.

I would luv 2 c 9 monsters errupt in ur wife,U need help I wuld clean her up