My Husband Cheated On Me, Well Tried To

i have been married for three years together for four years, until recently i thought my husband was a decent man, honest, somewhat cold but i just thought that was the way he is. Until two saturdays ago i was sat watching tv with him, there was a knock at the door i answered it to find two policemen standing there.
My stomach dropped to my slippers, they asked if my husband was here, i followed them into the living room,what the hell was going on little did i know what was coming, is someone dead? has he broke the law shoplifting, knocked someone over, the policeman asked me to leave the room i said no we are married i am his wife i am staying, but they wouldnt let me.
So i was banished to the hallway, police man says why have you been sending sex texts to the young girl next door she has told you repeatedly that she wants nothing to do with you, husband says i havent, policman says dont lie to me i have seen them you have been texting her and ringing her asking her for sex saying that if you can do what you want to her she doesnt have to repay you the 30 pounds she borrowed from you.
That is the jist of the conversation with the police after they leave i look at his phone its got 6 texts to her saying things like just give me a blow job.... i want to feel your body.. etc....
My husband is so cold towards me he hasnt wanted to have sex with me for a year we dont even hold hands or kiss each other goodnight...i feel so stupid, ugly and worthless...i dont know what to do...
isabelladavid isabelladavid
Dec 14, 2012