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Recently my new girlfriend quit wearing panties at my request since she knows that I don't wear any underwear and cannot stand them. She now loves going commando, and threw all her panties away. We had a talk about having children, and both agreed that our kids won't wear any underwear either. When they are finished with diapers, that's it for undergarments. I'm just curious if there are any parents out there that are the same way, or if you think it's strange to wear nothing under your clothes. Now that my girlfriend is used to going commando, she said she'll never wear any underwear again and our kids won't either.

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he never said his children would be running around in mini skirts flashing there vagina to everyone...if they dont want them to wear panties then they dont have to...that doesnt mean they will go around showing everyone....

I am all for wearing no underwear but for Kids it is necessary you do not want unwanted attention from less desirable people and it is your duty as parents to protect them from harm. If they do not want to wear underwear when they are older (being 18) that is fine but underwear may not be a part of life but your future children need protection and they need to learn what is appropriate dress and underwear is part of that. <br />
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You will get a call from Child Protective Services if they do not go to school wearing the appropriate clothing. Do not force adult choices on children. Your children will be made fun of and bullied and possibly ostracized by their peer group as a result of your choices and I am sure you do not want that. <br />
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I am by no means a prude, I do not wear underwear usually at home but when I go out I do but I will expect my daughter and any subsequent children to wear appropriate attire in the house and out of the house.<br />
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Don't do it it is just not worth the hassle of unwanted attention.