Love Tatt's

Ever since i was a kid i wanted at least one tattoo and first was a sort wizard *** reaper type character on my forearm this was followed quite some time later by my motorbike club patch tattoo that incorporated my wedding date and our names, that went on my l/h upper arm. Next up was a eerie sort of tatt' with bats against a moon and a castle in the background that went on my r/h shoulder, then a celtic themed one went on top of the wedding tattoo. Following the break up of the marriage i had the wedding tattoo altered to cover the names and date by more celtic designs. I then decided i liked the look of Tribal Tattoo's and had some merged into the celtic stuff and up over onto my shoulder blade. On the wall in the local Tattoo shop there was a black and red Moari design that i'd had my eye on for ages and that was the one that was murder!

I'd been out on the Friday celebrating someones birthday and i celebrated enough for all of us and woke on Saturday morning with the prospect of having the tatt' done whilst the worse for wear. Usual going i don't find it all that painful and sit down in the chair and read a book while being inked up but this time was different. Because the alcohol had thinned my blood Louis (the tattooist) had to push deep to get the ink to stay in and as there isn't a lot of meat on my back and the design went to the nape of my neck i was soon feeling the needle before it even touched, the pages of the book were taking longer and longer to read and in the end i gave up completely and concentrated on trying to ignore the pain. After a two hour stint with a five minute break it was done and i'm well pleased with it. At the time i was thinking "This is it, NO MORE, too painful!" but i'm already eyeing the next one up but this time i'll go easy on the beer the night before!

Raverbaby Raverbaby
41-45, M
Mar 7, 2010