So I have a Bestfriend and she recently told me that she was bi. And I feel really awkward now because before she told me she was bi she used to hug me all the time and smile every time she saw me and tell me a lot of things lesbian girls say but I never thought much of it because I thought she was straight. And she still keeps doinging all those things. And once I told her she reminded me of this girl. And it turned out she didn't like her but I was very close with I'll say with Ali ( not her real name ) and she didn't like that she said she'd get jealous every time she saw me with Ali. Once I was with her and she started talking to someone I didn't like so I went with Ali and she saw me and got mad and told me a lot of stuff that was very hurtful and I didn't talk to her for a day and the next day she was crying telling me me she was sorry and I forgave her. And we've got really close this summer and she tells me all this cute things like she calls me beautiful , gorgeous , perfect , princess etc.. I'm kind worried I think she likes me? But im not sure and I don't wanna ask her because that would be awkward. So what do you guys think ? Do she like me?
mollybaee mollybaee
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

She's in love with you and wants to be your lover. Please turn lesbian and date her becoming lovers. It'd be good for you.