Chapter 7

The winter solstice was tomorrow, and since it happpens to be on a full moon, we're going to end up with problems, and its on a monday… How wonderful right?

I was with Taelor, Dark, Kristal, and Maddie; we were talking about the attacks and Kristal was telling us what it looked like again.

She said,"The wolf looked like a huge shadow shaped like a wolf, and the eyes, well, I still shiver at the image of the eyes. Here, I drew a picture of them.

"I can't believe you can live through that, did it scare you?" Maddie said.

"HELL YEAH IT DID!" she yelled.

We went to school the next day, and the moon came out at around 4:15 and it was already dark outside. As soon as I got home I met up with the rest of the pack in the woods again. Even though it was really dark out, almost pitch black, we all could see. We all had an m-shift that made our senses go up 50% better than as a human.

Everyone fell to all fours, even Maddie did. This was really strange considering the fact that we've never shifted all at once before. Some people were p-shifting and some, including me, Taelor, Anthony, and Maddie, were just m-shifting.

How is this happening? Theres no force on Earth that could make us shift all at once, right? Well, I guess not there was one thing, the Death Clan.

I saw all of my friends get attacked, a shadow went over them, and they all fell to the ground, unconcious.

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Feb 19, 2012