Life Changes To Better Myself

Well I want to make some serious changes in my life to better my self and to not be hurt anymore. I know I shouldn’t have to ever make this choice but im old enough to do it for my self. I think it’s time to get the people that act like they care and that act like they should have the chance to be a dad out of my life. He has had 16 years to get his head on straight, and to stop hurting me and breaking promises. The only person that cares for me out there is my grandpa. So next time his name comes across anyone’s phone for me I’m just going to tell them to hang it up or I will do it my self. All we do is argue and I don’t need that anymore in my life. I want to be happy with the ones that don’t enter my life and then next thing you know they walk right back out of it. He isn’t worth my time or pain any more. I have my education to gain back. I get to go back to regular school January 8th with all my friends. At least I have very few people that stand by my side and give me advice on what to do and how to succeed the right way unlike him. So as this year ends I want to start a little early and get him away from me and get him to stop hurting me.
kaylamerie14 kaylamerie14
18-21, F
Dec 12, 2012