Girls Hurt Me

ok so this is kinda complicated so bear with me. i met this girl over 10 months ago. we were talking for awhile but im sort of a shy guy so i never made a move for fear of messing up my chances. well she sort of moved on because of that but we became really good friends. i got a girlfriend shortly after. we went out for 2 months but twards the end of it me and this girl start to like each other AGAIN! so i broke up with my girlfriend and started to talk to this girl again. but i **** up yet again and this time our friendship suffer a big blow. our friend ship isnt really the same but its getting back to normal. i still really like this girl but she likes this guy that is an ******* to her and she used to always say he was crazy. i just feel like my world is falling apart because i cant stop thinking about this girl all the mistakes ive made.
immaboss immaboss
18-21, M
Jul 30, 2010