Just Because You Are Pretty Doesn't Mean Your Life Is Great

My life is pretty much this:

wake up/go to school

try to learn

come home

call friends


thats it, day after day. my parents supposibly have "big" plans for me, but i dont know what they are. Their friends always just comment on how pretty I looked today, or how polite I am. bull. I hate what my parents do. They make it seem like I am just there, not really doing anything important. All my friends are into music, dance, or theater. I do that kind of stuff too, but I am not good at it. I only get put in roles because I looked good that day or was nice to the director. This happens a lot with school too. The guy teachers giving me good participation grades, while I daze off. This worries me because beauty is only skin deep, and way down inside, I dont think there is anything. It scares me alot. Before I sleep I always think about what I will be doing in 5, 15, or 20 years from now, and I cant see myself doing anything, I get fustrated and then try to either concentrate harder in school, get better at acting, or sing higher and louder in choir, but after a while I just give up cause nothing changes.

Then on the weekends, I get kinda crazy. Since I know theres no way out of this cycle, I party. I just love going out, I feel so free, until the weekends over and I have to go back to school.

Then last week my parents revealed thier "big" plans for me. modeling. yeah right! I can just imagine myself being trampled by girls who really want to model. when I told my parents this, they told me if I didnt consider this more, I would probably do nothing, go nowhere, and I told them I already knew that.

So now I am stuck here, sophmore, white, in the suburbs and going nowhere, not knowing how to stop it.

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6 Responses Feb 7, 2009

you know i didnt expect to read something like this i can relate girls just look at me but never get to know me and it doesnt matter that im tryng to get to med school something always seems to go bad and get worse

I don't know why I found this today, it's an old question, but I just wanted to say, it's cool that you want to be more than just be pretty. You're right, looks are so superficial and so are people who focus on them. <br />
<br />
Bust out of your pretty little shell. Engage your mind. Explore why you feel like just being cute isn't enough, take some time to think these things over, maybe keep a journal, call it getting to know yourself. Perhaps, if you focus some attention on why you are unsatisfied with your life, you'll begin to see natural opposites, things you could do that would make you feel happy or give you a sense of satisfaction.<br />
<br />
Whatever happens, just remember you can excel at anything you want to dedicate yourself to. It's all up to you.

Look, I think you are beautiful but you are right, what matters is inside. And maybe now you don't know what you want in life but soon you will. I promise. I used to be like that and I am still there but I have found something I actually want to do and stick through it. It happens to everyone. You just be yourself and don't let anything/anyone put you down. Write..and keep writing. Sometimes writing (in my opinion) Helps relieve so much stress. Try to find someone you can trust and tell them how you feel! I really hope everything goes well for you! Have faith!!

Amazing in what way?

yo i dont know who you are.... but i came across this site randomly. your amazing.<br />
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Thanks, that is good advice<br />
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(and no thats not patronizing)