Job Interview and Need Some Pointers Please!!!!!

Hello all....I was hoping to get some tips for a job interview I am having on Monday. It is for a managerial position......a very important step towards that elusive dreamy career path.:D

It is only the first initial telephone based interview with competency questions. Now what really gets my nerves. I have a serious problem!!ANd I mean a very serious problem to the point that it can be termed as a handicap! I prepare all week for a job my homework....very upbeat about everything but when the moment of truth arrives...I lie flat on my face literally. I can't speak. My hands shake and I get shivers up and down my spine. Awful stuff I tell you.

In my high school drama exam preparation, we had a group performance in which I was one of the lead characters. It was awesome. During rehearsals we all rocked. But on the official examination day I almost passed out, the whole makeshift stage was vibrating from my shivering feet, I stuttered and could barely breath. What a nightmare. Performing arts is one of my favourite subjects and have always had a secret passion for it. However I can not even dream of trying it out because of this awful fear.

Enough said...this job is very important. This whole year is going very badly for me regardless of what the star signs say! I have a feeling I won't get this job even though I have the most experience and knowledge. But hey I am going to die trying!!:D

So please any helpful tips to overcome this horrid problem would be much appreciated!Any tips apart from having a drink before I go to calm my nerves coz I have thought of it already!haha...Cheers all!


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2 Responses Apr 24, 2009

hello, late with the reply!! buuut i had similar problems in the past and i got a presc<x>ription for inderal. this will stop all the shaking etc. cant rate it more highly

I guess you already had the interview. How did it go?