My Life Ain't So Easy

So most people would think a teenagers. Life is easy but not mine ill explain why first I dont think I was able to love until now because i dated a white girl i had a lot in common with and one day because she messed with the wrong crew they beat up until she was basically a vegtable its a term used in hospitals meaning they cant move at all and second wheever I want to cross the street I got to deal with these punks who block me and if u no me ull no id like show offs who cant defend themselves after acting tough and getting knocked out third I dont ever in my life any more stoped when I was 7 had to celebrating my b-day because my parents would never remember and if they did they would ignore it 7 yrs of crying in bed as kid leading up to me knocking people out with my crew to protecting people and it made me tougher but however a person who fights to protect for fun but I look back now and see the bad 4th having to take the responsibilitie to protect those who cant protect themselves is a big responsibilite but not hard when theres only three girls u love everything about and only talk to them to see how their doing or just because u like one or because u wana cheer one up so there and 5th I wasnt raised not by my parents but by my older sisters and mainly my friends who I still know and do what they say cuz they raised me and honestly I dont really live at home I live with my friends becuz their my familie and all I want to do is talk to three girls I care about like 13c ,gwf , jp, qk those are the ones I consider to be my most valuable and prescious people I care about if u dont like it deal with it their more than friends their family people i would give a life for basically and 8th being a Rapper is fun but when u have to rap about some one u loved u will tear up inside 9th this is gonna change my whole life here and makes me angry and at the same time curious on how this coulf have happend I use to be in sped and I was made fun by my friends for it and soon I got out and ****** them up and started becoming more gangsta and that's when my life changed me from a happy person to a expressionless person and that I realized no one would give a rats *** if I died except my friends who raised me im not sure if my ep friends would care im pretty sure no one on ep would care if I Died honestly so there my whole life good bye ep for good jk :( but who knows maybe my soul mate is 13c I feel like she is and more than a friend. To me
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

People would care if you die! I have no idea who you are & id care if you died. life sucks at times. it really does. but you have to keep going. if you stop now youll never get anywhere. & i hope you jave found the right girl. everyone deserves someone. good luck.

Well thats good, i hope you find her.

Bro u r my hero even Thoght all the punches the wourl throes at u and knocks u down u will still get back up keep fighting bro

Good to hear

I hear I Ive got great advise from a lot of people on here

It's amazing. And I understand a lot of what you have been through.. But this is good.(:

No problem.(: