Geting Jumped Isnt Fun

ok so heres my story i was coming home from school and one black and 2 white guys jumped me for my phone and held me against the car and at first choking me and i kicked them back but the black guy was punching me in the face until i broke his nose with 10 punches now his punches felt like nothing but i tasted blood after a while and then i realized the white guys and black dude had guns now i was on the border line of brooklyn and queens and when i saw that gun u better believe i was lucky enough to not get shot easily any ways when they did their little violent dispute with guns i gave up my gs3 but before they left the black guy of sort of broke my arm and the reason i fought back was because someone who is in a better place right now gave it to me and because its in nature to fight i did go to the white police and heres something funny that happened when they came so their driving in a regular car u wouldn't be able to tell they were cops anyways in my mind i saw them and thought (im spanish by the way) oh sitche im getting deported but i was born here so i got worried for nothing and then thought god fuking damit theres more of them and after that they say there was nothing to be done because and i quote no alabi or evidence so now me and my boy filepay(mexican) got to go jump them one by one and filepay is older and stronger and he has od weapons son so we gonna pop these niggas for who they ****** with and im make a racist joke because of how pist i am if u put a monkey with a wig on next to the blac dude who robbed me i wouldnt be able to tell the difference and the only thing that makes u tight is being born white i dont mean any affense to anyone on ep or my ep family im just pist i lost to a white guy and douchebag cops so there u go goodbye i go to go make things right
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Jan 18, 2013