My Life is very difficult

my life has nothing 2 b proud of i aint got no friends and sometimes  i feel very deppressed and over the years a lot of people have hurt me but i dont dwell on it theres so much i want 2 do wit my life ive just got 2 find out were 2 start im just lookin 4 people 2 talk 2 about similar or diffrent issues or just 2 av a LAUGH coz i hate cryin


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4 Responses Apr 29, 2007

i feel u man...i mean ive got friends ive got a family who loves me...i guess ive got a pretty good life but for some reason im really depressed sometimes....i mean i think about girls a lot i guess and how my love life (i guess u can say) is non not a bad looking guy at all...ive been told that im cute its just...i dunno i cant seem to find a girl and i get so depressed...and i know thats such a stupid thing to get depressed about cuz there's people in this world with a lot greater problems so in a way i feel selfish but its just something that bothers me i guess...


you can have a wonderfull life it can be full of ups and downs as long as one doesnt over do the other I hear anyway ... take it in stride gal hang in there

Well at least you got a boyfriend. I don't know why he would hate you. I don't really have to many friends. They are not close friends anyway. I hang around them because we play on the same team. My close friends are online. Well you are still young and have plenty of time to accomplish something. I am here if you need to talk. That is what I can't seem to get enough of, lol.