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A Little About Me

in reflection of my use of EP and interaction with other members i now feel that i owe this story and that it may help others to understand me or at the least know something about me.
so here goes....
when i was young my step father died i was about 5 or 6 i think,i was not thrilled at all,i had no one to help me bring my g.i.joe tank outside to play with,this last thing he taught me was to be able to tell the time,like when the small hand is here and the big hand is there i'll be home he would say.
anyway i guess my step mother had it worse we or the family also newly adopted a girl yeah a sister for me helen .
an few years later mom started seeing some guy henri was his name and we started going to different countries, australia took two weeks on the queen elizabeth (big ship) to get to.
we also went on aircrafts boac vc 10s ,and pan am to other countries like england,and new zealand and in each country except england we went to school.
It was weird having started to make friends then the next day just leaving the country no good-byes nothing a few times (different country and different schools) so not really much chance in keeping friends.Finally coming back to montreal .personally I would have prefered
canada west like vancouver or some place english anyway.
when you come back after spending a few years in another countries school the canadian school i newly attended put me back two grades and that was a drag too.Because canada thinks there education is so much better then the rest of the world.
later on my mom finally ditched henri and his mean streak that we found out he had ,i forgot to mention henri had a son also alain our step brother.we don't see him much now, me and my sister helen that is.
My sister married dave my brother in law and they have rent subsidy (cheap rent) so there ok.
as for me well i'm screwed idon't have rent subsidy i live in a shoe box apartment (one and a half) .
Sure i've worked odd jobs here and there, weren't the seventy's great ,but not any more.
the days when you could leave a job and then find one the next day are over.
if you've been wondering where my other story fits in here (hearing gods voice) it was after my stepfather died but before we started travelling.
as for our step brother he turned into a pathelogical liar and a con artist hes never without money and sometimes i think hes so good at lieing that he believes it himself.
and buddy my cat friend that was about 14 years ago where i used to live near rivier des prarie
schools i went to on the west island of montreal are riverdale ,lindsay place and john rennie high schools yeah i've been to all three.
my mom passed away about 14 years ago i think,and well, there went the family love,now its entirely crap (i'm trying not to use swear words) .
So you may have quessed it by now I'm the outcast i'm the black sheep.
I've never typed so much in my life! whew!
well i hope this helps EP members understand why i'm such a different person.
oh yeah i did have a girl friend once ,but quess who screwed that up ,thats right me!
I don't know what else to write now so i'll make it short .
The End.

FurryFace FurryFace 56-60, M 3 Responses Mar 17, 2012

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wow you crammed alot in there!! I liked it though. So what if you have a small apt. At least its yours. talk to you later!!!

its not mine i rent it , i wish i had a small house of my own

For some reason I found all that funny FurryFace. And now for some other reason I find finding it all funny to be very funny FurryFace , especially while typing 'I find finding it all to be very funny FurryFace". HA!

well thank you , thank you very much , FurryFace bows , meow !

Interesting :)

well a bit i guess , and thanks for taking the time to read it anyway