My Life!

This is just a bunch of stuff about my life, so my EP friends can get to know me :)
Im fifteen years old and I live with both my parents. I have two sisters, Jessica who's 21 and Brandi who's 13. Neither of my sister's live with me, Jessica had a hard life growing up and ended up moving in with her friends when she was 14. She was in and out of my life for a few years and finally decided two years ago that she didn't want any of us in her life. My sister Brandi lives with my Aunt, she's there because it's closer to her school. Me and her fight ALOT but I guess that's what sister's do. My parents and I do not get along, we fight every single day. Im going into tenth grade, I have two best friends, Sammi and Ashton. Im not a big fan of school but I go anyways. I almost forgot to mention the love of my life, I can't believe I almost forgot to mention him! He's 16 and his names Nathan, we've dated before and I fell in love with him. I even had my first kiss with him. Were not dating right now but we both still love eachother, hangout and talk daily. That's just some details on my life! My life's kinda confusing ;p


LoveRylee LoveRylee
13-15, F
Aug 20, 2011