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So here it goes from the beginning and of your emotional you might not want to read this. First off I am 17 almost 18. So my mom and dad where never married and it was more like an accident I came along. My dad was a "good" dad from what I could remember till I was about five. Then he changed and I found our he was doing drugs. He had always been doing them but I never knew. I told my mom and I would always hear them fighting. I lived with my mom and grandma. I was always by myself because all the other kids where allot older then me. So I was pretty quite. I moved when I was five when I mom married a navy guy named randy. He was pretty okay.

So right after we moved my mom left to go somewhere with her best friend and they left me and my moms friends kids home with a babysitter who was a guy. He put the other two to sleep and then brought me to the couch and asked me of I would like to play a game? Of course I said yes being five. It ended up being spin the bottle on my tummy. He would put the phone on my tummy and if it landed pointing up he would kiss my mouth. If I pointed to the side it would be that breast. And if it pointed down you know.... Then it was his turn and it was the same. I knew something was wrong but he forced me. Then he put me on the couch and tried to finger me and it hurt so bad. I remember running to the bathroom and blood came out when I peed. He didn't know. Then after I went pee he brought me to the bed and asked if I wanted to have sex and for some reason I said no. Then he stopped and I never told anyone till I was thirteen and no one believed me. And the reason I told someone about it was because the summer I turned thirteen I was raped by a guy at my dads house. My dad lives out in the out skirts of town but not to far. So I went to go feed the ducks and as I was crossing the little bridge over the river towards the ducks I noticed a guy on the road so I walked a little faster. Then I noticed he was running towards me and I ran as fast as I could to get to the other side behind the little hill thing... It's like a huge pile of dirt where the put all the extra stuff and debri from making it smooth ... And by the time I got there he had got my and pulled down my shorts and started to rape me and I remember screaming and no one heard. When he was done he told me if anyone found out he would kill me. So I need did till I was sixteen. I o ly told about when I was five. No one believed me about either time excepts boyfriend of five years almost.
My dad signed his rights away to me that summer. Things got really bad that summer and never got better. They have me a list of 30-40 things a day to do. Like moaw three acres and the. Clean four trucks and then clean the whole house the time they got home at three. I toldt grandpa everything they did and that summer when we had a family reunion my grandpa flipped. And of course my dad lied and said he never made me do anything and he was never on drugs.
A year ago I found out my step dad cheated on my mom. He called her drunk one night and told her he wanted a divorce and caused a crap load of drama and it sucked. I was sixteen and it killed to see my mom like that e en though we were not close at all. I wish that things like that never happened. But of course she forgave him and "worked" it out when all they do it get drunk when the see each other and party. He is in the navy and stationed in Chicago. So they barley see each other. Whatever makes her happy.
Me and my boyfriend ..... Well in September 2007 we got into trouble for sneeking out and seeing eavjother because we lived accros the street. Then we lied and got caught talking. Them on Christmas eve got caught again talking and found out we had sex. Then she said no more. Them six months later got caught again tIalking. Then another six months and another and another. Then for two years we didn't get into trouble and we haven't since. And now I am almost 18 I don't care i want to be happy and I talk to him. I have waited forever. I love him more then anything. So this is just little but of my life. It helped a little with stress.
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Life brings us a large bowl of lemons. i like to think that i can have a bowl of cherries from here on. i left my home at 20. the parents told me i ran away --i was twenty, but even so, with all the things i was through, then it stands to reason one would run away. do what you must but remember there are results that come of things. look at the largest leap and see if you are willing to jump it. maybe it might mean moving out or whatnot, but hey! seems you might want to but take it easy!!