Mr. Perfect?

I know this might sound corny and all, but i wish i had a Mr. Perfect. I'm at an age were thats all i can think about, i wish i had a that someone to love me for who i am, to think im something special. I see all these lucky girls out their holding hands with their Mr. Perfect, and it makes me happy to see, but sad that i don't have one.

I'm always being told to juts stop looking and he will come, but there is a part of me that cannot juts STOP looking, im always keeping my eye open for nice, good humor, good personality, attractive and smart men. But it seems to be hard to find those kind of men these days.

Other people tell me to stop being so picky, that being picky will get you no where. Well it's good to be picky right? I mean with out being picky then there can't be a Mr. Perfect.

So i'm confused on what i should be doing right now :D
I have been through some tuff situations in my life, and it's hard to know and trust people, men mostly, so maybe it IS a good thing to be picky.
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1 Response Feb 7, 2013

I feel the same way even at age 22. I never had a girlfriend before. And I dont know why. But I guess when I meet someone in my life that moment just has to "click" I think between one another if you know what I mean? It never bothered me that much, but to this day I still think what my life would be like if i found that true love of another in my life...

I'm right there with you Hun. But i will tell you this that there HAS to be someone out their for you, and I'm sure she will come in good time. And when she does come I wish you best of love and a happy relationship.
Stay strong and faithful.

Im not sure that'll ever happen though. Being with someone, is something I could never do. I think I was always destined to be alone in my life and I'am ok with that honestly. I think its even because im so used to it now. Making someone happy, is something I could never do. Being a father is something I could never do either. I think I just live for myself and find my own callings in life based on my own instincts. I'll just have to find something worth passing on some other way besides starting a family.

Everyone gets atleast one chance to have someone to make happy, to have someone to love, and to have them love them back. Although not everyone keeps that persons, while other get that chance more than once. I know I want exactly what you long for, don't feel that your alone, and please don't give up. If anything just stop trying so hard, and try alittle less. I Know that might sound stupid and if it is, i wont take it to fence. But all i know is everyone gets atleast one if not more, and you up to date ;)