I Love Being Myself

I guess a few things happened in the short gap I took off this site of which one of the biggest things was to join a new site and write on the profile page I am an adult little girl who dresses up.
You see in that time I grew up a bit and metaphorically speaking put on my big girl panties taking a more mature "this is who I am" approach to people, not denying or apologizing for being alg.
I wrote about my past before and I don't feel like repeating myself but like those 'genetic females' I know who are also adult little girls the thing we get from this is a sense of inner happiness through being connected to the younger part of ourselves.
These connections can come through role playing either physical or online -I'm in a roleplaying online school situation with homework to complete now - , engaging in childlike activities from own pasts such as craftwork, playing on the beach or reading childhood stories afresh which I do and so on.
For me this isn't tied up in any sexual fetish areas so much as more the enjoyment of the innocence I had and still have as I sit here with dressed top to bottom in my (UK) school uniform on as that is and always will be me.
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Sep 20, 2012