Your Slip Is Showing

One of my fantasies growing up was to be wearing pretty dresses with a slip or (preferably) a petticoat underneath over my frilly panties, perhaps at age 10. Invariably the dress is too short . As I am going up long almost spiral stairs, I am told that my slip is showing.  I am so embarrassed and try to adjust and wiggle and pull down the hem of my school dress.  Being told my slip is showing somehow is one of those very feminine experiences reserved for girls, and I am embarrassed by the helpful comment but just love the thought deep down.  That makes feel like I am a girl.


I loved hearing someone say that to a girl when I was in school.  I didn't want to turn too quickly but I so wanted a peek of the girl to whom it was directed.  Even if I couldn't see her slip (much preferable), I now knew she was wearing one, which gave my mind plenty to fantasize over, including what color her panties were that day.  These fantasies focused on me wanting to trade places and be the girl wearing the panties and slip.  I am so envious of the girls that got to be dressed so femininely growing up.  Some of them disliked wearing petticoats, and I would have happily traded places.


Another fantasy was being dressed by by mom and getting used to sitting around, too casually.  My legs are up on the sofa.  She tells me to pull my legs down because my panties are showing.  I am so embarrasses by the whole thing.   I just wanted to have experienced things that i envisioned hat girls had growing up had to learn to grapple with.  How to sit demurely.  Without sisters, I really had no idea.

So many girls from the petticoat era just don't appreciate how good they had it by getting to wear just pretty dresses and dainty and frilly slips and pettis.

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I so love to see the hem of a girls slip showing, it's even more exciting to be wearing a dress and let your slip show.
I went to a crossdresser group meet up once and wore a half slip with a 3" lace hem. My slip kept sliding down and the other gurls there kept telling me my slip was showing. I so enjoyed that. I would lift my skirt and pull my slip up and then adjust my skirt just to have my slip slide down again. I felt so girly and feminine that night and having problems with my slip showing made the night even more fun.

That is such a vivid fantasy for me, as I said at the beginning of this story. It would be even more powerful if it were a girl telling me my slip was showing. I so wanted that growing up!
Last night I wore a full slip with a tee shirt over it just in case someone saw in. My slip strap kept creeping down my arm and I had to adjust the strap. That made me feel very feminine too.

That happens to me all the time when I wear a full slip under my clothes. I have often wondered if people notice what I'm doing when I'm adjusting the straps.

A lovely account, I also love petticoat and slips with all other underwear matching as far as possible.

Thank you, Joan! This was one of my very first EP stories. Girls growing up today miss out on so much with slips and petticoats out of fashion.