My Little Sister And Her Swimsuit

Several years ago, in my early teens, I found myself watching my little sister when she wore her bathing suit sometimes. Around the age of 13 or 14 years, my parents have installed a pool at home. No need to say that my younger sister almost two years younger than I spent considerable time there. Which for me was great because she was very often in bathing suits. Having always had an attraction for women's clothing, I had already tried it on several occasions. She was much sexier than me with it :) It was a one-piece suit with pink and yellow vertical lines with open back if I remember correctly. I especially liked the shapes I saw in her crotch.
She was not very developed for her age, but it did not prevent me to have desires to caress her rose in me when she was sitting beside me on the sofa and I was putting my hands behind my head to hide me watching. I do not know if she ever noticed. One day, when there was only me and my sister at home, she was wearing her bathing suit and sitting by the window on a piano bench. Without really knowing why ... Probably because of the hormones of a young teenager, I sat behind her on the bench. Normally, I would expect her to react and reject me, or even leaves the room. But she just stood there without speaking without moving. My hands went then placed on her hips without even thinking about it. She did not react. This fabric is very soft ... I said. She replied: You think so? Yes! It should be very comfortable. Yes not to bad, she said. With these words, my hands got to her belly, caressing it gently. And then, remembering her little red skating dress she had just had, I asked if it was the same fabric as it. Yes I guess. I'm not sure. Me: Wow it must be even sweeter. So saying, she recoils a bit on the bench to come and support her back against me. This action surprised me and made me take my hands off her belly. You can continue, it does not bother me she said. Ok I put my hands on her hips again. This time to drag her bare legs. Then I alternated back on her stomach, legs and arms slowly while watching her reactions. She put her hands on my thighs as she was seated between them. This move was telling me that I could maybe go a little further on my touch. My heart was beating fast at this time. I wondered where she would stop me. I imagine that at that moment she could probably feel something, a lump in her lower back.Becaming very excited. My hands caressing her, should I venture to touch places a little more intimate?. I slowly slide my hands up on her belly until they almost touch her chest. Still watching her reaction, I spend an arm around her, gently squeezing her against me. My other hand was sliding on her chest nervously. Without actually being developed, I could still feel her small nipples through her ​​sweet swimsuit. I now feel that I could caress what I wanted. I just released my grip around her and with my right hand I started caressing her thighs again I approached delicately between her legs. my left hand still massaging her chest. My right hand slips between her thighs and finally stroking that little ***** as I had hoped to toutch for a long time. At that moment, she tipped her head back resting it on my shoulder. As I was not wearing a sweater, I had her beautiful soft hair that caressed my chest. I then began to give her little kisses in his neck.The idea of ​​seeing if I could take away this beautiful swimsuit in order to caress her soft skin came into my head. I slip my fingers under the straps of her swimsuit. She stops me and says: It bothers me that you see me naked ... What can I do sister? so you're not embarrassed? If you take off your bathing suit for me ... I might be trying your little skating dress, it would be rather ridiculous and embarrassing for me but I admit I've always been curious about the feeling that this would give me?. I do not know if it would be big enough for you she replied. Do not worry, I'll be careful not to tear, I promise. "She did not know it but of course I had already wore it several times." She accepted. She got up to get the dress in her room. She gave it to me and told me to go put it in the bathroom, explaining the procedure to put it on. I did exactly what she said and left the bathroom very nervously. I thought she probably would laugh at me. But to my surprise, she said: Except for color (red) you look very good with it! I then advanced toward her, re-sliding my fingers under her shoulder straps and slipped the swimsuit along her arms and then her legs to the ground. She tried to hide a bit with her hands out of modesty. I say, do not hide your body, you're so pretty!. Thank you! I took her hands and pulled her backwards towards her room. In turning to the bed she placed her hands on my chest. It is true that this fabric is really soft there. advancing toward her, her hands on my chest, she sat on the edge of her bed. I knelt in front of it between her legs and I begin to give little kisses on her belly.

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