My Man Is Gone And I Don't Know What To Do.. :(

Yesterday I had to watch my love get locked up and sent back to jail. :( I am heartbroken. I was with him while he got arrested. He was on probation so I'm so scared right now that they will send him back to prison for multiple years. He doesn't have a clean record and has been to prison before. I don't know what to do. Our love just started about 3 months ago. I know he had some issues with drugs and he said I was the only good thing in his life and that I was the only person that can help him get clean and stay out of trouble. I know it's not my responsibility because he needs to be able to stay out of trouble but there's nothing more I want than being the reason he quits and help him. I love him. They only charged him for violating his parole and having a knife with him so they set a bail for $5000 ONLY cash. Not bond-able. 
They will have to hold him for 72 hours so that would be until Friday afternoon. I hope they will leave the bail so I can get him out but everyone has already been telling me that I shouldn't get my hopes up and he'll probably go back to prison for multiple years. I'm so scared. I have talked to him on the phone and he thinks positive and said he has spoken to officers and they probably won't press more charges so hopefully if he goes to prison it will be less than a year. I'm desperate. All I have been doing for the last 2 days and nights is crying and crying. I miss him so much. 20 minute phone calls are not enough, I need to be with him. I love him. We belong together. I'm going to wait for him no matter what but I'm also going through a nasty divorce and have a little son that I don't wanna burden with any stress. He needs a happy Momma but I don't know how to even try to be happy right now :(
I'm from germany and not even a citizen here.
I love you Baby and I will write you a letter EVERY DAY.. Until I can hold you in my arms again..
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May 24, 2012