My boyfriend has a very sexual side , Where as I am very shy . So he always wants me to do these crazy sexual things with him , as well as with other men . So because I have no actual experiences I'm telling one of my fantasy or something I want to happen in the future . In the future I would like to have my boyfriend (husband) come home from work , && notice something different about me . He'll let it go for a little but ,eventually he'll start to see I'm acting suspicious and weird . Like I have something to hide , We'll go threw the day eat dinner , shower , get ready for bed and as were laying in bed watching T.V he'll start to ask me how my day went , me knowing what actually happened will start to get nervous. Of course not being able to lie to him and knowing he like's the kinda things that happened earlier in this day , I will tell him truthfully . Well today I got up , sent you off to work and then did my usually morning exercises . As I was doing my exercises one of our neighbors oldest boy's knocked on the door , So I answered it . He wanted to know if we had any sugar and we did. So me being in my Half shirt and yoga pants went to go get him some sugar . At first I couldn't find it so I was reaching and stretching my body as much as I could to see if maybe you had put it on the top shelves . I noticed that this older boy was staring at me with wide eye's , like he was in shock on how amazing my body had looked . I finally found the sugar and gave him as much as he needed , and then went back to my exercise's thinking that he was leaving .To my astonishment he was still there , so I stopped my exercises to see what he needed .He asked me why I was doing exercises when I had such an amazing body already , and then wanted to know if maybe he could come back and do them with me . Of course he only asked after I told him I do them to keep this body of mine in shape , I told him he could come back thinking nothing of what was to come next . About 20 min's later he showed up in just shorts , not noticing before how amazingly filled out his body was . Of course I couldn't stare at him for too long or he would notice , So I started my exercise's back up with him watching me closely to see how they were done . With both of us half naked , He asked if I would show him hands-on how I do them because he didn't understand and wasn't quite keeping up . Nervous to get too close to his body , I started to show him how to position himself . He kept trying to get closer and closer to my body with his , Which is when I backed off and went back to exercising . Now this is when it started getting out of control , me to into my workout now didn't notice he was taking his shorts off to continue to join me . Of course I started staring at how amazing his body looked with the sweat dripping down his rock hard Ab's . With me not being sneaky about it he noticed me staring hard core at his body , When out of no where his lips locked mine and he started touching all over my body . Caught up in this sexy moment , I started filling all up on him as well when I realized what was going on I pulled away as quickly as I could . He looked at me in shock like I wasn't supposed to stop , His big green eye's just staring at me as he started to move closer and closer to me . I tried to back away but my legs were like jelly and I couldn't find a reason in my head not to stop him from getting closer , as I kept picturing him naked he kept getting closer . When he swooped me up and started kissing me again and feeling all up on my body , touching down my spine while kissing my neck and all around my thighs and hips while moving lower with his lips . Before I knew it he had thrown everything off of the island (middle counter) in the kitchen , laying me down on it and was still moving slowly down my body with his lips touching my skin so smoothly and gently . Trying to snap out of this horny stage he had already started taking my yoga pants off (and under those was nothing else) caught up in this amazing moment my instinct took over and I grabbed his **** , It felt so huge for him being only 18 . He made me let go while he went down and started eating me out , It was such a rush and I was ******* left and right every where moaning like it was my first time . There was *** all over the Island just dripping off it like someone spilled a glass of water , when all of a sudden I was being thrown against the hallway wall . His fingers wrapped in my hair pulling my head back , as he slipped his **** inside me and then pulled it out and put it back in me again . He was just teasing me with his big **** , tossing me around like a rag doll throwing me all around my house . My body numb from all the exhilaration and ******* that was going on , knowing that at any moment my boyfriend (husband) could pull up . From starting with some sugar , to exercise , it's escalated to me screwing the neighbor's big green eyed 18 year old son . By this time we have moved from the hallway wall to my bathroom shower , and now I'm in control scratching his back and making him moan like a wolf howls at the full moon . His eyes rolling in the back of his head. As I grab his huge **** stroking it back and forth faster and faster , Slowly moving to my knee's so it's more intense . Licking his long shaft , as he grabbed my hair moving my head faster and further down . As he picks me up and rams his hard **** into my wet little ***** , tossing me around the shower . As he makes those facial expressions I know whats about to happen , when he **** all up inside me both of us moaning like there wasn't gonna be a tomorrow .
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What a great fantasy I will love to make it come try for you xxxx

Nice. Do you think your bf will enjoy the tale?

Well sweet story U naughty Girl !! Add me Thanks TT.

Great story very hot please add me I would love to hear more :D

lucky young man

What a great story. I wish I had a sexy neighbor like you when I was 18. Or even today.

Yes hubby loved my story

Wow great fantasy hope you get it someday. :)

Damn! Great story from a shy girl :D.

Pretty cool fantasy! make it happen for crying out loud!