hmm it looks like nobody is on here very much...anyway I've lived in Jacksonville with my hubby for almost 2 months now...joy joy joy! haha...im very happy to be here with him even though theres not a whole lot to do. i come from a smaller town anyways tho so its not really anything new for me. just the same- bowling or a movie? although up north ppl do get out and go 2 tracking and have bonfires and tubing down rivers and stuff during the summer...i LOVE tubing! :) I think I'm going to have to find somewhere down here to go cause I might not make it thru the summer without tubing! lol anyway.....hello everyone.

calalily calalily
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Just try to hang in there till the weather breaks and the water warms up. Not like there's much to do anyway. But at least you'll get to work on your tan and do a little swimming.

well if i do end up coming there soon then we should get together :)

yep...im getting more used to the area now tho and its really not so bad i guess lol. the rain is sucking tho.

HEllO There..I'm like 45mins. away 4rm Jacksonville @ The Cherrt POint Base..I agree with abt there's never nething 2 do cuz,it's so TRUE!!

ill be movin to jacksonville in bout 4 to 5 months

hey girl!!!! I moved here 2 months ago too!!!! Where are you from???