Stop Thinking & Just Relax Babe

Wanting to experience all that the human form can experience I have ...

"Stop thinking babe...just relax..go with it" ( hmm hasnt anyone told you not to talk with your mouth full...)

" I want to make you scream my name " ( Oh Oh You !! )

I have tried to switch off but find I fall asleep...apprently I had the best sex ever once...It couldnt have been me..I dont remember..I was like WHAT you went to heaven...& didnt take me with you.....Bastard !!

So must I experience this earth shattering experience to get to "heaven" ? what is it that Im supposed to not think about.. ??

 I have watched a **** but found i was wondering how many people were there when they're doing it.

My first time at 21yrs...I just couldnt believe all the hype..but as a present to myself I went in search for the perfect stud to "Stop my mind so I could go to heaven" Hmmm needless to say The Stud was a dud. So a few years went past...practice practice...mind still intact. no amount of showers or shags could rid me of that memory..<shudder>

I am now a sexy single mum 34 yrs old  and have aparently reached my "sexual peek " with mind still active and body oh so ready for heaven Im still waiting.

They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste but geeza's when is mine going to give me a F'n break...literally..

Can someone tell me where the switch is...tah single because he kept going to heaven without me &  took some tart with him.

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3 Responses Jan 8, 2007

Your scared ! ..well Im still waiting

I'm scared<br />