Mom ****** In *** By Frnd In A Bus

Hi friends, My name is saikat this incident happend with my mother that my 2 best friends ****** my sexy mom in a bus.My mom's name is Banai.She is so sexy and her figure is about 36 32 44. I am narreting this story in bengali. if somebody narrate it into English I promise I will show him my mom picture without face.Let start the story

Ekdin amader parar ekta bie baarir onusthane ami r amar ma “konyajatri” hisabe giechhilam.parar sabai ekta bus-a kore giechhilam.Lok besi thakai bus-a khub vir hoechhilo.jaoar somay ma samner diker ekta sit-a bosechhilo. Ami o amader parar kaekjon bondhura pechhoner dike dariechhilam. Bie bari gie khaoa daor pare ferar somay ma r samner dike jaiga pai ni.amra ekdom pechhoner sit-a ekdom konai,tarpor ami,tarpor amar dui bondhu tarpor onno lokera.Ami ma er ga er sathe ekdom sete khub mota bole boste kasto hochchhilo.bus er samner dike halka ekta light jolchhilo.kintu pechhon ta andhokar chhilo.kichhukkhon pare dekhlam ma sit theke uthe darie amake bollo ‘tora valo vabe bas,ami darie thaki,amar pa lege gele ami abar bosbo’.eta prai 2 ghantar journey chhilo.kichhukkhon par dekhi ma er pachha ta amar mukhe majhe majhe touch hochchhe.abar ma thik hoe darie er samner sit ta khub uchu chhilo,jar jonno ma oi sit-a matha die darie chhilo r majhe majhe ghume dhole porchhilo.sara bus nistobdho chhilo r almost sabai ghumachchhilo.ei somay amar bondhu suman amake bollo je o ektu janlar pase bosbe,ami oke boste die paser sit-a boslam. Amar daan pase bondhu suman janlar pase bose, baa pase r ek bondhu rahul.r suman er samne amar ma samner uchu sit-a matha lagie chokh buje darie ache.amar ba pase basa Rahul er kachhe ekta baro fuler tora thakai amader ei paas ta guard hoe giechhilo.Rahul fuler tora haate nie bose ghumie porechhilo.Suman janla die bairer drisso dekhchhilo,ma or samne darie jachchhilo.kichhukkhon par kheyal korlam ma samner sit-a besi jhuke parai ma er pachha ta suman er mukhe ese lagchhilo,kintu o mukh na sorie bapar ta enjoy korchhilo.amio chokh buje thakar vaan kore bapar ta kheyal korchhilam.ektu pare suman govir vabe amar dike takie dekhe vablo ami ghumie achhi,tarpor o or haat ta ekvabe ma er 44 inch varat pachhar opor rekhe dilo ekvabe.erpor ami aro obak hoe gelam ei dekhe je o aste aste haat ta mar pachhar opor bolate laglo.ebar dekhlam ma ektu nore uthlo r o sange sange haat ta sorie nie bairer dike takie bose pechhone takie dekhlo valo kore,tarpor abar ager position-a samner sit-a matha rekhe darie porlo.evabe 10 minuite katar par dekhlam suman aste aste much ta ma er pachhar dike nie gie pachhar opor much ta rekhe kono react korlo na.tarpor dekhlam suman jiv die pa er pachha saloar er opor theke chatte thaklo.o vebechhilo ma ghumie porechhilo.kintu ami spasto dekhte parchhilam je ma aste kore much ta ghurie pechhon dike takie ghumer vaan kore darie thaklo. Edike suman or dui haat ma er pachhar opor bolachchhe.ekbar haat bolachchhe ekbar mukh ghoshchhe,hathat amar kheyal holo ma o nijer pachha ta or mukher opor aste aste ghoshchhe.ei dekhe suman er sahosh aro bere gelo r ebar o or dui haat die jore jore amar ma er pachha chatkate laglo.Erpor o ma er saloar ta uchu kore tullo r kamijer pant ta kholar chesta korlo kintu ma pechhone haat die or haat ta dhore badha dilo.o abar haat sorie nie chup-chap bose thaklo.Erpor ami obak hoe dekhlam je ma nijei saloar ta tule nijer kamiz ta aste kore namalo.ami bujhte parlam je ota elastic wala kamiz kono dori nei.abar ma abar ager position-a daralo.r suman –o abar ma er pachhai haat bolano suru korlo.ebar o ma er saloar tar vetor haat dhukie panty ta namalo.Tarpor edik odik takie saloar ta uchu kore ma er forsha dhamar moto pachha ta mobile era lo jele dekhte laglo. Amio dekhte pachchhilam.dhabdhabe saada pachhaa dhamar moto.o amar samnei amar ma er pachha jiv die chatte thaklo.erpor o nijer pant er chain ta khule or penis ta ber korlo.ek haat die amar ma er pachha chatkate laglo r ek haat die nijer penis chatkate laglo.tarpor o ma er haat dhore deke ki ekta ishara korlo r ma dekhla ebar soja hoe daarie saloar ta mazar opor tule kamiz r panty ta r ektu namalo tarpor dhire dhire amar bondhur koler opor bose porlo.kole .ami sposto bujhlam je suman bose bose pechhon theke amar ma er pachhai stoke nichchhe r dui haat die maai tipchhe.besh kichhukkhon evabe chalar par dekhlam sab shanto hoe gelo.erpar amar baa paser bondhu rahul-o maza korechhilo.seta pare bolbo. Bondhura Amake Reply dio

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This is familiar. I am with my scotish mommy on a Brooklyn bus in nineteen sixties. She is about 45 years old, five feet two inches,nice figutre for mature mommy, 36C cup 32 waist, softly packed i n girdle, and a 40 butt also packed in girdle with nylons and suspenders, A scotish woman is very shy and proper and will not ob<x>ject to any groping in case of embarrasement. Three teen boys stast rubbing and brushjing up against her. Soon one places his hand up her dress and keeps moving until he gets it into her crotch area. I notice my mommy starting to have wanting ex<x>pressions and almost moaning sounds. She is without doubt on her way to an ******. Her dress keeps going up and finally the pink silk panties over her girdle are pulloed down. They drop to the floor and one boy is removing his thing from his pants and rubbing it over her buttocks. I see her ex<x>pressions are so vivd and her moansd so much clearer A second boy is moving to her front and places his thing uip and shoves it into her very tight vagina hole. She gasps for air and is finally held up by one boy as the other ***** her *** so un mercifull. The othe ***** her tight womb and finally she is let go and falls to the floor. The third boy places his thjing in her open mouth and in one minute has white cream dripping over her face. <br />
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will some bengali plz translate this into english

i dry humped my best friend's mom in a crowded bus