My Mom Lets Me Wera My Sister's Lingerie And Dresses

When my sister left for school, mummy was lonely for her little girl, so she would encourage me to dress up as a girl and  wear my sister's clothes. I loved putting on her knickers and getting a hardon. I liked to wear her bras and slips then put on her dress and pretend I was a girl. Mummy used to help me dress as a girl and she would buy me any pretty frilly lingerie that I liked. We had lots of fun being mother and daughter and sometimes mummy would let me put on a frilly nightie and go to bed with her. It was so nice to feel my silky nightie on my body and then to feel mummy's silk  covered boobs against me as we cuddled and played in bed.
When my sister came home for the holidays, I would dress as a girl and go lingerie shopping with her. She liked to buy me pretty slips and petticoats and she would laugh when she saw how excited her panties made me when I put them on.
Now that I am living on my own, I dress as a girl and enjoy wearing panties, slips and lacey bras and then putting on a pretty dress and going lingerie shopping. I love the excitement of pretending I am a girl and buying lingerie, dressed in my silkiest lingerie and feeling my penis rubbing on my frilly silky panties, watching as the boys look at me and knowing they want to get in my panties. Someday I hope a nice boy does lift my dress, pull down my knickers, and satisfy the girlie feelings that I have
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13 Responses May 12, 2011

Grest story. Sounds fun. Being moms special girl n your sis having a sis.

You guys are so lucky to have such an understanding mother and family. Not like my family. I try to dress up as a girl when I am younger but both my mom and family are against it, so I can't do it.You guys are lucky.

My story is similar although sex didn't play a big part. It was my sister who dressed me up when I was very young and it got to be something I desired immensely. Mother knew how I felt and became very supportive and encouraging and helpful. Mum would buy what I needed until I could do it myself and trained me in make-up and hair care. We still live together but now as mother and daughter and my sister has her own life but visits regularly. I owe my sister my life. I'm such a happy girl.

My mom was the same after my sister put dresses on me, she tolerated it and thot we were too young to make any thing of it, but it made me the sissy cross dresser I am today. My sister with my moms help dressed me like a girl till I graduated. I even wore a bra, panties and slip under my gown at graduated.
The only time I didn't wear a dress was at school and then I wore navy girls slacks and white tops which was a school uniform.

great story. lucky you. quite the cool mom you have. enjoy being the REAL you.

Great story. Interesting n entertaining.

I'd love to lift your pretty little dress, slowly remove your sexy lingerie and tend to any desire you have, while im also dressed as a pretty little sissy ;)

billy im luke i like to dress up sexy to ill let you dress me up. :-)

I'd love to lift your pretty little dress, slowly remove your sexy lingerie and tend to any desire you have, while im also dressed as a pretty little sissy ;)

What a beautiful experience, the only thing that you did not tell us, is, how old you were when your mom first encouraged you to be her new daughter, please tell me more, I am most interested in your feelings and emotions during these special times, and how the conversation changed when your mom was dressing you. My story is quite different from yours, but, I feel that we share the same little girls heart you can learn more about my somewhat sad beginnings, and how my mom dealt with it, and my war experiences that changed everything, I am starting to accept who I am, but, I have a long way to go, read my story, I know we will have more to share after that, I put you in my circle and would like to be a good friend, loving and caring,<br />

my mum makes me dress like my sister she says we both make loverly girls

Wow, I envy you. You had such a wonderful mother.

Your lucky to have understanding family - plenty of us didn't have that comfort growing up and hd our pleasure from them as well as ourselves.

wow wish l had a mummy like that