The Boy Bridesmaid

My twin sister had promised my aunt that she would be a bridesmaid at her wedding but two days before it she broke her leg and could not go, so mum said that I would have to take her place, but mum I proyested i'm a boy i cant be a bridesmaid, dont be silly boy, she said, you would look very pretty dressed in a bridsmaid outfit, now lets go and get you fitted, so she led me upstairs and told me to ***** naked and step into my sisters little frilly knickers and she put on me my sisters training bra which she padded out suitable for a ten year old girl, then I had to put on a petticoat with lots of frills on it, then my pink silk bridesmaid dress which I admit although very short was very pretty. Pink laced ancle socks followed by black mary jane shoes comleted my outfit then she took me over to the dressing table to do my hair in lots of curls with a pretty bow tied each side, then I was handed a bunch of flowers to hold and she took me over to the mirror and I saw in it the cutest little ten year old bridesmaid I ever seen and mum said, trasy, honey, you look loverly and if your a good girl I will let you be a girl forever.
End of part one.
trasyanne trasyanne
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I loved it hope part two is coming soon