My First Girdle

I started wearing mom's things when I was 9, just playing make believe dress up usually just a dress and a pair of her old heels, Her things always fascinated me, and she recognized this. It was just the two of us and she didn't see any harm in it and thought I would outgrow this phase. When she realized I was going to continue to dress she got me a few things that fit me, some cotton panties, a school jumper and blouse, and some Mary Janes to wear around the house. My interest in all things feminine continued to grow, and finally when I was 14, she came home with some nylon "big girl" panties and my very first pantygirdle that was all my own.  I remember how great it felt to put it on and have it fit properly. It was the first of many she got me along with bras, slips, and nylons, As I got older I could also look forward to some of her hand me downs, and believe me, I never refused.
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4 Responses Oct 17, 2010

What a great story. How did your mom get you the right sizes for your bras, panties and girdles?

She would get a couple of each and take them into the dressing room with some boy things and I would try them on.. Discreetly of course. I loved our shopping trips... still do.

What a lovely story and such a sweet and loving mother. Like you I was blessed with a caring and accepting Mother, isn't it wonderful to be accepted?

Absolutely. Mother is awsome. She is still supportive of my dressing and has been for 18 years now. Good for you and your mother as well for having that kind of relationship

Lucky you i was treated a little like you but would love to have my Mum just allow me to wear them as early as that. But for me it was later on but i still wear them today.

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How may I get a custom corset made?<br />
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