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Bra, Panties, Girdles And Stockings

Mom didn't give me her bra and girdle to wear. I had to borrow her bra, girdle, stockings, and panties when I wanted to wear them in the house.  Mom worked two jobs to support us so was gone during the days and usually on Saturday.  I could go into her bedroom and borrow her bra, girdle, stockings and panties and wear them for a few hours. 

It was always so comforting and nice to crossdress.  I just loved it.  I would wear her lingerie until I outgrew them.
jml2000 jml2000 56-60, M 17 Responses Jun 26, 2012

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I loved dressing in my mom's girdles, bras and stockings too!

You were such a lucky boy.

is nothing so nce than to find a dawer full panties an I just love the dirty ones to wow the old dic **** right their

The dirty ones are the sexiest huh?

i used to get into moms girdles--wish i still had them. have bought some of my own--my favorites are long leg with a split crotch so i can pull my **** and balls thru and slip on some panties over them.

me to loved to raid her panty dawer

used to go to the dirty clothes chute at home---kind of enjoyed the musty smell of them

The dirty ***** smell was the best.

If you all can recall. Didn't you feel safe when you we're wearing a pair of your mothers panties? It just felt right like everything was good!

I sure felt all warm and tingly.

The feeling was the best huh?

It was a nice feeling.

It always feels good to be wearing a pair of your mothers panties!

Oh yeah ;-)

So true! I started with moms and luved the feeling of them

Oh the memories-obviously shaped me into the person I am today.Still loving the feel of undies,dresses etc..
All following experimenting when I was 11-12 years old.JUST WISH i HAD THE COURAGE EARLIER BUT TIMES WERE DIFFERENT.

Yes, they were. Glad to hear you can enjoy them now.


You'll find. Many right here on EP

I luved slipping into my moms lingerie and dresses. It was such a release. I spent a lot of time exploring her wardrobe when she was out. Wonderful memories and the desire to dress never went away

It is a nice release and does bring back some wonderful memories.

It was such a delight to explore, to see what new items she had purchased. I luved trying on new things



Wow you and I are so alike. I, too, borrowed my Mo's and sister's undies and wore them whenever I could. Always jacked off while dressed and ate my own ***. I still do it today except I wear my wife's undies and ********** to a great climax and still eat my ***.

Wow! it sure does.

Isn't eating *** the best?

I owe my good health to eating my ***.

Yes, sounds just like me---wearing my mothers, girdle, stockings, bra, slips all under one of her cute skirt and tops or pretty FEMININE dresses.
I was the youngest in the family and my mother, who once used to be Beautiful, had become a Fat, Drunken Pig, but, she still had very pretty clothes she could no longer fit into------HURRAY!! I was able to fit into them. I would buy my own girl clothes when I was about 12 or so, but before that I don her pretty, lacy Bra over a high waisted Open Bottom Girdle and attach her sheer stocking to the garters of what I now considered, MY GIRDLE. I would wear these pretty things under my boy clothes, an OBG under pants needs a little adjusting, but I managed quite well. There was a drive in not far from my home and they had girl car hops (don't see them now, this was in the early 60's), I would go there often to be with the girl car hops as they waited for their orders, or a new car (no inside dining, but ok to pick up).
I always used my mothers eyelash curler, everyday I'd curl them, more than once I might add, the girls there always commented on what pretty lashes I had. One even said, (I'm NOT making this up) "your eyes are so pretty, you should been born a Girl", how very flatered I felt and always regreted not asking her to dress me up so we could see. I would, however do something that only a teen Crossdresser might do around girls that though he had pretty eyes: When I was in there I would put my hand in my pocket and unsnap the garters holding up my stocking. It would slowly slip down my smooth leg and start peaking out from under my pant leg. I so wanted one of the girls to see this, tease me about being so Girly, dress me in the prettiest clothes, putting on my makeup, make me walk, talk and act like a Girl, swaying my padded hip and butt Girdled rear under my pretty skirt and lacy slip.

Wow Carolann, seems you enjoyed your mom's foundation garments and lingerie. Sonic restaurant does have waitresses on skates still.

I'm like you. The feel of silky, feminie clothing, the allure of an OBG or LLPG with sheer nylons attached to the garters is exquisite. Blasting a load of hot ***** into the crotch of a pair of black panties is also sensational.

Sounds familiar. I too used to wear my mum's clothing and underwear. She cought me once wearing them, she said nothing to me but confided to a friend of her. I will tell the story of what happened next soon........

What did your mum confide to her friend?

patience is a virtue jml2000. Will post the story soon........ :-)

We have similar types of Moms. After years of "piecemealing" my desire to dress as a girl (and borrowing girdles after I'd shave my legs), I recently posted a story of my mom finally helping me get ready to fully dress and go on a date with a male co-worker. I'd like to have you as a friend so we can compare more stories.

Thank-you, I'll look for your story. Hugs,

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very similar to my mom and myself.

Have you shared your story?

Nice. Very familiar to me.


Nice story. Simler to my own


Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Thanks so much Sammi!