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My First Girdles

As I have posted elsewhere my Mother helped me become her "daughter" when I was 11, accepting my penchant for women's clothes. She got me my first bras back then but only a garter belt for my stockings. Remember that was 1961 and pantyhose was not yet around, everyone wore stockings. My 13th birthday was on a Thursday in 1962 and Mom told me that she had a special treat for me because now I was a big girl.

I got home that Friday from school and got dressed even wearing my garter belt and stockings instead of my usual knee socks. Mom came home and we went out for dinner at a local Italian restaurant. That night I went to bed early as we were going shopping tomorrow for my big girl birthday present.

Again that Saturday morning it was a skirt and blouse with stockings and my skimmer flats. I loved the new falsies Mom had recently gotten me so mow I was a 32A and it actually looked like I had boobs. We headed to Sears and once inside Mom took me straight to the foundations department, what they called the intimate apparel department back in the old days. There she told me I was now old enough to start wearing a girdle. As we looked through the girdles in the Junior Bazaar section she seemed focused on the construction while I was more fascinated by the lace and pretty pastel colors. She finally settled on a firm, white open bottom girdle with 6 garters, my church girdle as she called it, and a white long leg pantie girdle for everyday that was not as firm. I did talk her into buying me a pretty pink pantie girdle, also long leg but much more lace on the cuffs and even a little lace on the tummy panel. She also got me a package of 6 nylon tricot panties of which only one was white and the others pastel colors.

When we got home I changed into my new pretty pink girdle with a pair of the new pink panties under it. It was definitely a much different feeling from the garter belt I had worn for the past year and a half to hold up my stockings. Mom then explained to me that all women had their everyday girdles which were my 2 pantie girdles and their "church" girdle which was my open bottom girdle. Your church girdle was your firmest girdle, which it was, and although not necessarily your prettiest girdle it was definitely the one that made your figure its best. That was the girdle you wore for church, special occasions, etc.

That special day was a long time ago, it will be 50 years in September, but it left a lasting impression on me. It started me on a lifelong love of girdles which I always wear. Even through the late 60's and 70's when women shunned girdles in favor of pantyhose and later control top pantyhose, I continued to wear a girdle. Today most women own some form of "shape-wear" and even 20-something year old females talk of their love of Spanx,. Me? I just wear girdles!
LaceyLisa LaceyLisa 61-65, T 6 Responses Jul 6, 2012

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I think your mother liked to see you wearing girls things.

What a delightful story, and I do wish that my mother had been as understanding as yours

What a wonderful and delightful story! You were so lucky to have such and understanding and thoughtful mom!

Mine was similar. I was 14 when my mother decided I was ready for nylons. She gave me some pantyhose and took me to a department store and picked out two panty girdles for me. One was a long line and the other a brief style. She also bought me some stockings and told me that although pantyhose were common some girls preferred stockings. I was told to always wear panties under the girdles which I do to this day. I have tried both. I was instructed to wear a girdle whenever I wore nylons and always when I was going out in a dress. At the time a lot of girls also wore girdles under slacks. I still wear a panty girdle quite often but also wear pantyhose without one. My favorite under dresses, especially in summer, is a garter belt with either a thong or bikini.

Nice story Lisa, I'm now 73 and my interest was, and is, corsets, I will post my story shortly.

Nice story Lisa. I am glad there a some things in life that may seem trivial, but do make us feel rewarded as we enjoy them. Love Christine