15, In My Case

One morning, when I was 13, our family were getting ready to go to a wedding. I had put on a little weight since I had been measured for my outfit - I couldn't quite get my trousers fastened - and it looked like I'd have to miss the affair. But unfortunately for me, I did make it after all.

People remarked that I looked really good in my new outfit. I often wonder what they would have thought if they knew that the only reason this 13 year old boy had been able to get into his outfit was with the help of one of his mother's panty girdles - though it might have helped them understand why I wasn't smiling in a single photo, and also why my two sisters seemed to spend the entire day giggling at me.

And, because I did look so good in my girdle, it wasn't long before she was making me wear one to school. She told me that, if I only lost some weight, I wouldn't need the help of a girdle. She said the same thing when I developed slight boy-boobs and she forced me to start wearing a bra. A year or so later, when I had grown further and her underwear was too small, she threatened to buy me my own corsetry if I didn't go on a diet. Rashly, I told her to do just that.

That Christmas, when I had just turned 15, I opened a large parcel to find two longline bras, two firm control long zip-side leg panty girdles, and some pairs of tights. She said they could still be returned to the shop if they remained unopened, and this was my last chance to agree to start dieting.

So, in a fit of pig-headedness, I opened every single one of the packages so that none of them could be returned and, in front of her, my dad and my sisters, I ******** down to my underwear, carefully put on a pair of tights, wiggled into a girdle and zipped it up, fastened myself into one of the bras, and got dressed again.

Thanks to that piece of defiance, I had to undergo the discomfort and humiliation of wearing a girdle and bra every day from then on, from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. I cried as I undressed that night after almost 12 hours of being imprisoned in brand new corsetry, realising the enormity of what I had got myself into. I cried again as I forced myself into it again the next morning. But I mad sure she never saw any tears.

The only exception to being in corsetry full-time was one day a week during school term time when we had PE, as I could hardly wear a girdle and bra in the changing room. But the foundations were in my bag, and as soon as the PE class was over, I had to put it on at the earliest opportunity. She would actually check immediately after I got home to see if there were red marks under my skin when I took the girdle off, to show that I hadn't just put it on two minutes before coming in the door.

By the time I left home to go to university, I was so conditioned to wearing womens foundations, and had been so used to her checking on me and threatening me with this and that if she ever caught me not wearing it, that I started having panic attacks when I tried to stop cross-dressing in that first term. So I had to go back to wearing corsetry.

And, now I'm nearly 50, I've been wearing bras and girdle full-time ever since. I've never actually enjoyed it, and I always feel a pang of shame when I catch sight of myself in the mirror, but I just can't break the conditioning I went through when I was young. It's just something I need to do.

Thanks for that, mum. Merry Christmas indeed.

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I started wearing girdles at 16 and have always felt they improved my appearance. I never felt any discomfort or humiliation from wearing them. I also started wearing earrings when I was 15, but only wore them in the privacy of my bedroom. This was before pierced ears were common in my area and, like most of the girls my age, I wore screw on earrings that made my ears look like they were pierced. One night I fell asleep with earrings screwed tightly on my ears. I took them off as soon as I awoke the next morning but I had to go to school with marks on my ears that made them look like they were pierced. I was never worried that someone would discover my girdle but that day I was afraid someone would say something about my ears. Fortunately no one said anything and by noon the marks on my ears had disappeared. I relaxed and enjoyed the control provided by my girdle.

And---If mum said to me lose weight or you will have to wear foundation garments all the time.I would have proceeded down to the bakers for half a dozen cream doughnuts

I love everything that you wrote even brought back some memories of tasted I did I forgot after reading your story I'm glad I read it

That's a great story-You must be very disciplined and accomplished to make this your daily routine--Well done