Two Elephants In A Bathtub. Taking Care Of Mom

The doctors said Mom couldn't be alone. In June, I resigned from my teaching position, packed some belongings, and headed south---with three kids, two cats, and a dog---to
St Augustine, Florida, to take care of mom.

Mom had been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and every breath exhausted her. I thought Mom and I could fight this disease together. I pictured happy days where we could picnic as a family at the beach, tour the town for garage sales, eat at wharf-side restaurants, and spend long nights watching classic television.

Instead, Mom's illness took hold of our whole family. We began twenty-four hour care. Mom needed us, and we were vigilant. Our life became emergency room waits, hospital visits, pharmacy runs, and long nights of asking for God's help.

Two Elephants in a Bathtub is a chronological account of those days. Mom's courage enveloped our family. I pass this story with pride and hope that it may inspire any family with an elderly relative battling against time and terminal illness. This isn't a story about loss. It is a story about love.

Two Elephants in a Bathtub. Taking Care of Mom
Written by: Penny Wagner

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Jan 19, 2013