Mother Aways Knew

My Mother dressed me in my older sister hand me downs .
First 5 years all i wore were tights and a top sometimes shorts
when school started .My Mother cut the lace off of tops and moved
the buttons to the boy side . My dad would say I 'll have Your Mom leave
the Lace on if I was being bad . Girls gym shoes were 99 cents so I
had to wear them instead of P.F. Flyers that were 2.50 . I wore my
sister coats with flowers on it . Got beat up a lot . Would cry all the time
Mom would ask whats wrong when told her . She would then say quit
being a baby . 1st grade i wore pants to school and dresses afterward
to save wear and tear on my school pants .
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I realise now that my mum always knew I was female. Her stockings going missing and me wearing them in bed was a clue. She even used to call me ShirleyAnne back then. My dad? He was a farmer and couldn't cope with it. So I became a boy, then a man. I knew I would always hold onto my femininity and dressed en femme whenever I could.

lucky and now after allot of years you are so thanksfull for your mother she give you perfect girly school ,fantastic mother

Did your dad ever have your mom leave the lace on? Enquiring minds what to know. ;-)

No I did wear tights instead of socks and red cotton pantie thru grade school
and lace panties since then and had both ears pierced in 69

Awesome .... tights are so much nicer than socks and panties, be they cotton or lacy nylon are so much more comfortable. No wonder you are fond of and still wear panties.
Like you, I too had my ears pierced back in college. Most of my women friends were getting them done and one of them did mine ...