From The Start

from the age of five i would wear my sisters underwear even when going to school and by the age of six i stopped wearing boys underwear completely. i thought no one knew until one day my mam sat me down and told me i had to stop wearing my sisters knickers. when i said that i did not wear them she stood me up and pulled my shorts down revealing the peach coloured pair i was wearing. my mam then pulled them down and pulled me across her knee and smacked my bare arse. she told me i was being smacked for lying and not for wearing knickers. she then had me take my sisters knickers of and handed me a pair of pink cotton knickers and told me to put them on. she said these were my knickers and that there were more in my draw and i was not to wear my sisters any more. when i looked in my draw there was no male undies just nice girls knickers and even some nice frilly ones to wear over my nappies at bed time.

she even started to buy me my own skirts and dresses and of course i got my sisters hand me downs. she never mentioned it and only my sisters knew. i still had to wear boys clothes but always had girls knickers underneath. when my brother joined the army and my dad was at work some times being away for three or four days at a time i was even allowed to change out of my school clothes once i got home and dress in my female clothes and play with my sisters. when my father or brother were at home i had to wear my boys clothes but still wore my female knickers and even wore my nappy for bed.
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Did you have a bed wetting problem?

That's great and your mum handle it well. You definitely have your mum to thank as well as your sisters.