My Mother Feminized Me

my name is michelle, but always wasn't. when i was a young boy, my mother always dressed me up on halloween as a girl character, a gypsy princess, cinderella, snow white, and even i witch , all with makeup and dresses. when i was 7 she started me in ballet lesson with a girls class, wearing leotards and tights. when recitals came i wore boys clothes but was heavily made up.. i started feeling feminine. when i was 12, i started to notice my boy breast were getting larger, and when she wasn't home, i started putting on her pantys and bras. then i started putting on her girdles and nylons, and makeup and dresses, i found a wig she had in the closet and started wearing that, all the time she wasn't home. As i got older in my teens i stopped doing it,,, but always had the desire to look feminine. i went into the navy in the late sixtys and still had that desire. when i got out i met a great girl, she always looked pretty, and i was attracted to her clothes. when she was working at night i'd put hers on, and her makeup. it felt so good. still always having that desire. i started buying my own, lingerie, makeup , heels and a wig. she saw me on a crossdressing site, and went ballistic. so i stopped again.but hid my clothes, i then started meeting other crossdressers during the day and it was great., so my mother finally got what she wanted A GIRL, my name is now a closeted michelle.
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SO sorry that your spouse did not appreciate your feminine side dear...mine does not approve either...but is aware of how important it is to me so is a bit more indulgent now....still, she wishes it would just go away and we know that it never will...kiss kiss and hoping you get out of the closet more often...

a wonderful recollection I can associate myself with much of what you wrote. Thank you for sharing.

I love you girl.we have similar feelings and emotions.I also loves wearing my moms clothes mmmmm good memories.Lets share.Louise CD

i'd love to share storys. where are you from?

I am from Canada.My mom wanted me to be a girl also.Fond memories.Loved her nylons heels and girdle most of all.I always wanted to be just like her mmmm
Louise CD great memories

i'm from Massachusetts, I loved wearing the pantys, Playtex girdles, bras, slips, makeup, and heel... I started when I was 12

We should all give thanks to our mothers who feminized us either a little or a lot.

You should let your mom know you want to dress as a girl.
Maybe she will let you dress at her house during the day, since she wanted you to be a girl. Well, at least it wouldnt hurt to ask her.

Michelle your mother she ...vauu great she need agirl and she made you so be a woman as you always want to be..

thank you hon.. i really want to be,,, but need help along the way

Maybe since you & your girl are not married, let her see more of your sites or even leave something out so she see's it and try to let her know slowly that you want to dress. If she dont like it, then you maybe better off without her, then you can dress when ever you want.
Sure she's gonna get mad, but let her know about it, tell her your are not gay & just want to wear the clothes. Let her know its only clothes and your still the same underneath.

yes she did... i like feeling feminine.

Great Story! I Had The Same Life Growing Up, But My Sisters Were Involved. What Ever They Did I Had To Do, Ballet, Gymnastics, Etc. & I Was Always Dressed As A Girl.

yup me too, not gymnastics though

So wonderful to meet you and read your story. Enjoy what you can and allow yourself the happiness.

thank you hon

Hi Michelle...very pretty name! Happy to meet you...hopefully those in your close circle can accept you as Michelle. Does your GF know you are dressing in her clothes. If not, it's time for a heart to heart.

I'm sorry...reread the story and understand...she went ballistic.

Did you enjoy dressing in girl's Haloween costums when you were younger?

at first no... but enjoyed it more and more, when i looked in the mirror and saw how pretty and cute i was

yes,,,, i love it

I was obsessed by dressing as a girl on Halloween. It was acceptable.

The feeling of silk or satin knickers against the buttocks and thighs is wonderful.