I am transgender and live as a woman full time now, I have met a wonderful man who has asked me to join him in Canada as his wife and mother of his 12 year old daughter, I plan to do so in the spring but am a little apprehensive about how the girl will receive me. I love her father very much and want her to accept me as his wife.  She know about us but I don't think she wants me to be a mother to her.  I want to, but her real mother is also up there and I don't want to displace her, any thoughts?
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She's 12, A women, young though she may be, threat her with the respect you wish to be treated with. What ever you do, do not dis her mother no matter what the circumstance maybe

Lots of luck
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Great advice, thanks

Don't try to be her mother! Be her friend, let her decide how she refers to you!

Honey her real mother abbandon her and she needs to know that wont happen again she will be okay because she wants to she her father happy

I will do my best, I promise

tats ll we can do my love and do it together she will warm up to us

Don't try to replace anybody. Just start out with trying to be her friend and gaining her acceptance. Be a loving constant in her life and things will develope as they are meant to.

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